Not everyone seems to like fried foods but I bet you, the air fryer potato wedges recipe is one of the great recipes you should try. Potatoes are full of health benefits and they feel your body so much goodness. Anyways, with that being said, today we’re going to grab some potatoes and make some crispy sweet potato fries. I want to show you the secrets to making the best air fryer potato wedges to completely blow you away.


Air Fryer Potato Wedges Recipe


Ingredients for Air Fryer Potato Wedges Recipe

  • 3 potatoes
  • oil
  • salt to taste


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How to Prepare Air Fryer Potato Wedges Recipe

  1.  We’re going to begin by grabbing three, sweet potatoes, and scrubbing them clean under some cold running water. I’m leaving the skins on the sweet potato as they’re full of fiber and antioxidants. In the action, get these rights for incredible favor. But if you prefer, you can peel the sweet potatoes.
  2. Once the sweet potatoes have been scrubbed clean. I’m going to pat each one completely dry for the next step. Let’s start cutting our sweet potatoes. I like to cut off a little bit from each end and when you can easily stand it up and then cut it into vertical slices that are quarter-inch thick which is a little over half a centimeter.
  3. And then we’ll cut the pieces of sweet potato into quarter-inch slices to end up with our fries. Which once again is a little over half a centimeter. And as you’re cutting your sweet potato, transfer into a large bowl, When all the sweet potatoes have been cutting into the bowl. I’m going to add some cold water over the sweet potatoes. You want to go to about half an inch above, the sweet potatoes which are one point two, five centimeters and we’re going to let this sit here for at least 30 minutes. This is such an essential step, it’s going to help remove some of the starch in the sweet potatoes we will fry them. It’s going to give them an incredible crispy texture on the outside.
  4. After about 30 minutes, I’m gonna grab our sweet potatoes, string them into a colander. And rinse them under some cold running water. Then we’re going to grab our sweet potatoes over a dishcloth making sure they are on a single flat layer and using another dishcloth. I’m going to place it over the sweet potatoes and pan them completely dry. Once again, this is such an important step. You want to remove all that excess moisture in the sweet potatoes that when you fry them, they don’t get soggy.
  5. All right, let’s start frying up our sweet potatoes under gravity large deep. I’m gonna heat this with medium heat. And like, I always tell you when you’re frying potatoes or sweet potatoes, you don’t want to use anything higher than medium heat, otherwise, they’re going to brown too quickly, the outside and not fully cooking the inside.
  6. And I’m going to add in two and a half cups of sunflower oil, which is 560 milliliters. A couple of extra virgin olive oil which is a hundred and twenty milliliters. The combination of these two oils gives me sweet potato fries an incredible flavor. This is a lot of oil but does not worry, I’m going to tell you how to recycle the soil that we can use later on for future recipes. I’ll show you how to do that later on in the article.
  7. After heating the oil, on medium heat. It won’t make it 10 minutes, it should be nice and hot. You know, you can always add a piece of sweet potato into the oil, and if it starts bubbling it is ready to go.
  8. At this point, I’m gonna start adding the piece of sweet potato into the pan and you want to add them in there slowly, don’t dump it alone there at once otherwise the temperature in that oil, is going to drop too quickly which is going to make you fry soggy. Want to make sure that each piece of sweet potato is quoted in that oil.
  9.  I’m going to start removing them from the pan. Making sure to shake off any of the excess oil and transfer them on top of a wire rack with some paper towels underneath. Want to make sure that they’re holding a single flat layer.
  10. Sweet potato fries have been removed from the pan. I’m going to raise the heat for me needing heat to medium-high heat and we’re going to heat this on a medium-high heat between five to six minutes that way that oil can come up in temperature. Now what we’re doing here is called a double fry. The first time around we did the medium he can’t wait for me to cook those sweet potatoes through the second time around.
  11. We’re going to add the sweet potatoes back in there. It’s going to give me that beautiful golden fried color and then incredible crispy texture on the outside. After heating the oil, for about six minutes on medium-high heat. It should be ready to go. I’m going to start adding the pieces of fried sweet potato back into the pan. And once again, me cheering them slowly because if you add them all in there at once the temperature, not oils can lower weight too quickly. You’re not going to get that beautiful crispy texture on the outside. And once again, make sure each piece of sweet potato is coded in that all oil, that way they all evenly crisp.
  12. After about 10 minutes, you can see that the sweet potato fries have a beautiful golden fine color to them, they should be ready to go. I’m going to start removing them from the pan shaking off any of the excess oil and once again, Add them over a wire rack with some paper towels underneath and making sure they are on a single flat layer.
  13. And I’m going to season the sweet potato fries, and then let them sit in that wire rack out room. Temperature for about 5 minutes, this is such an essential step as it’s going to help really crisp up those sweet potato fries. Anyways, I’m going to season them generously with sea salt. You want to be generous, you’re with us all. These are sweet potatoes, not regular potatoes. So they have more of a sweet flavor. And by doing this, it really brings out the flavor in them. I’m also going to add in a dash of garlic powder. A kiss of sweet smoked Spanish paprika.
  14. Wash sweet potato fries are resting. I’m gonna grab the pan with the oil and pour it into a fine sieve with a baller in here. This is such a great way to recycle this oil that we can reuse it for other recipes by running it through that fine Sieve.
  15. After resting our super potatoes fries for about five minutes at room temperature, they should be nice and crispy and ready to go, I will start transferring them into a serving dish. And we’ll sprinkle them with some freshly chopped parsley, folks check it out on crispy, sweet potato fries, then look how incredible these turned out. Very easy to put together. Incredible, textures and flavors. Let’s give it a try and see how they turned out. Seriously.


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Here we go, what a beautiful crunch on the inside is melt-in-your-mouth this homemade sweet potato is very easy to make at home and the flavors are mind-blowing give it the best part is the textures that crispy texture on the outside the inside. It is just truly melt-in-your-mouth real quick. Give this recipe a try and know you will love it.

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