Have you ever eaten a beef and noodles recipe? This is a family favorite recipe. If you’re looking for pasta, that is easy to cook full of flavor. Very delicious and all-around. Good to look at this is the recipe for you to try. I’m going to show you how to make it in just a few minutes.


Beef and Noodles Recipes


Beef and Noodles Recipe

It is so simple to make and looks colorful and very attractive to look at. Read on to know how to make a delicious beef and noodles dish. There are ingredients for this recipe. As you can see, You can even skip some of the ingredients or you can substitute with what you have.

So first of all, we have these bell peppers, we have the green bell pepper, I have my Scotch bonnets. This is very hot, so I only need to. It gives the pasta a really delicious flavor. And I have my red and yellow bell peppers. I’m using spiral pasta.


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Beef and Noodles Recipe Instant Pot

There are so so many types of pasta shapes that you can use more. I really, really like this pasta shape. I have two questions for you. What is the most popular pasta shape? And what is the cleanest pasta in the world called? Let me know in the comments section.

The quality of the pasta you use is very, very important. And this one is made from durum semolina. So it is very, very good. I’ll also be using tomato puree for this. This tomato puree has onion and pepper. I’ll be using this stock for extra flavor, gotten questions in the past about what stock is stock is, basically the liquid leftover after boiling meat fish chicken, even vegetables, I’ll be using boiled beef and will fry it later.


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How to Prepare Beef and Noodles

  1. To make sure this noodle cooks, very fast. I’m putting water in a pot and I’ll put it on the cooker so that it can start boiling while I’m cutting the peppers, that’s just my strategy for making sure I don’t spend so much time in the kitchen. Like I said, earlier, you can definitely skip out. Some of these ingredients for everything comes together to make the meal, very delicious.
  2. I’m using green bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, and red bell pepper because it brings such a vibrant color to the dish. And you have to admit, we eat with our eyes and with our nose before we taste the food. So, I wanted this dish to be very, very colorful. If you don’t have all these colors of peppers, you can just use green or you can just use red since Freddy is more common. Also, I like to cut them to be pretty even so I really, really take time. This is something I always do right from when I was young, I always take time to cut my Peppers because I want them to look a particular way. Also,  the top of the back as you don’t have to throw them away, you can plant them. I’ve started planting them, or you can just blend them up, put them in your stock.
  3. After cutting the peppers, I’m cutting the beef. I want them in smaller shapes and also going to be frying them. This is going to make this so flavorful because, you know, when you fry beef the oil you use from, it is going to be so amazing. Now the water is boiling so I’m trying to put in the pasta.
  4.  You’re going to cook the pasta according to the instructions on the pack of this pasta I bought, it says cook for 7 to 8 minutes, 7 minutes. If you wanted to leave it hard if you want it like a medium, it’s minutes. And if you want it really soft, nine minutes. I wanted it is a bit hard. So I went for 8 minutes, sometimes I like soggy pasta and other times, I like it normal.
  5. While draining the pasta, I’m going to heat up a pan. I’ve added some oil and this is just to fry it. If you love fried beef, you can definitely add Fry meat. If you want to put it in the oven but nothing compares to when you fry it because it adds in lots of flavors.
  6. Now I’m just transferring the beef to another plate and I’m going to bring another pan, I’m using. Low for this recipe because it heats up fast and it Cooks everything really, really, like instance. So, I’m just using some of the oil from the beef because that’s why we fried it in the first place.
  7. And then I’m going to put in the onions, first, when I was younger. I really did not like onion but when I grew up and I understood how flavors work, onions, became one of my best friends. So you need to just find out on your foil beats until the flavors come out.
  8. And then we’re going to add In the rest of the peppers. Now, I’m just adding all the peppers and I’m just going to fry them for about a minute or two. I don’t want them to be too cold in there to cook to, they lose their color. I wanted it to still be vibrant and in little bit crunchy, or you can definitely cook this. How you like, or how you prefer. I love bell peppers because they are an excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin C and also potassium and did you know that they also contain a healthy dose of fiber, folate, and iron. So they are very nutritious. You need to have perhaps sweet bell peppers. They are not hot, their Suits of all the purpose.
  9. The red peppers are the ones that have the most nutrition and that is just because they’ve been on this Tico on the garden longest. So they have the most vitamin C 1.5 times more. And they have 11 times more beta-carotene, which is good for us, especially in these times. So, I’m seasoning with just some salt. I always like to season my pasta.
  10. I’m adding some curry, just a little bit, curry powder. And some thyme, I’m also adding some garlic powder and some ginger powder for extra flavor. If you have fresh ones you can use that. I like adding my spices to the oil, something like thyme because the heat of the oil, wicks It Off.  So it’s better to put it in the oil so that it hit in the oil, that is when it is more potent.
  11. Now, I’m adding the tomato puree and I’m just going to fry this lightly. It does not take time. Like, I told you I’m using a walk and defeats are very high after about two minutes. It’s time to add the stock. I’m not adding everything just using the beads.
  12. Now, I’m adding the beef to the sauce and I’m just going to mix everything together. The beef is very tender and it’s just going to marinate beautifully in that sauce.
  13. Now it is time to add the pasta and I’m just going to mix everything together. This whole cooking process. Did it take more than 30 minutes? I don’t think so. And this is what the finished product looks like. It is very, very delicious and as I said, this is my family’s favorite recipe and when am making it everyone is happy, it was quick to make, it is so delicious. So I hope you try this recipe.



Beef and noodle are a very colorful, attractive, and very delicious meal. It is also simple to prepare with few ingredients you are good to do. This meal is highly rich in vitamins and a very healthy choice for you. I hope you try this recipe for yourself and trust me you will enjoy it very well.

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