Do you love potatoes? Would you like to try my secret recipe for making potato salad? I’m going to show you the secret to making the best potato salad recipe. Some people might call this a country-style potato salad some people might refer to it as a deli-style potato salad either way.

It’s got the perfect balance of sweet and tangy from the sugar and the vinegar and pickles and everything else in this, it’s just your basic homemade potato salad. You can add yours to this to make it your own, but I’m just going to show you how I like to make mine.  Read on to know how to make a very delicious potato salad.


Best Potato Salad Recipe


Ingredients for making the Best Potato Salad Recipe

  • 3 lbs russet potatoes
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1/2 small yellow onion, chopped
  • 11/2 cups mayonnaise
  • 1/4 cup of white sugar
  • 2 tablespoon of sweet pickle relish
  • 2 teaspoons of distilled white vinegar
  • 2 teaspoon of prepared yellow mustard
  • 11/2 teaspoon of salt
  • 2 tablespoon of instant mashed potato flakes


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So, let’s get started. So naturally, I’m going to start with my potatoes. Every potato salad starts with potatoes for this recipe and for my potato salad. I prefer using just regular old recipe tato’s. They’re the cheapest, they’re the best.

I’ve tried using Yukon gold potatoes and red potatoes. In this recipe, I prefer hands down the russet potatoes. It just makes the best potato salad for me, you can use whatever kind of potatoes, you like though, and using a potato peeler.


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How to Prepare the Best Potato Salad Recipe

  1. I’m just going to peel these potatoes, a little trick for you. That little end on most potato, peelers kind of rounded use that to dig out the eyes of your potato. It’s what I’ve always used it for. So it’s just the perfect little tool to dig out the eyes of a potato, but what you want to do is to go ahead and peel your potatoes and you don’t have to hear your potatoes if you don’t want to, if you like the skin on potato salad, by all means, go ahead. It doesn’t make any difference.
  2. Personal preference and as you’re peeling your potatoes and you get one done, go ahead and put them into a large pot. This is going to be the same cop that I cook. These in that’s built up with water. You want to make sure and keep your potatoes covered, which will prevent your potatoes from oxidizing and turning that pinky brown color, but you just want to go through and peel all of your potatoes. And I am using 3 pounds of potatoes for this recipe. Now, once you get all your potatoes peeled, you want to go ahead and cut them up. Basically, you want to cut these into about three-quarter-inch square pieces.
  3. So for these medium potatoes, I cut them in half, turn them 90° cut them into three pieces if it’s a larger potato do for it also, and then cut those into chunks. Basically like I said, you want about three-quarters of an inch by three-quarters of an inch to three-quarters of inch pieces and then again through your potatoes, back into the water.
  4. Equal, Taylor’s out of that way. They do not oxidize on you. Now, when you get all your potatoes, cut up, your water is going to be cloudy, and it’s going to be just full of all the starch coming off of those potatoes. What you want to do is rinse your potatoes completely clear. Go ahead and rinse these a good three or four times and then drain them completely. You want to make sure that all of that starts gets off of those potatoes then you want to go ahead and light your stove. And take your pot and you want a large pot for this.
  5. Put it over medium-high heat actually even high here at this point take your drain potatoes and put those into your thumb. You want to add enough cold water to this to come up about 1 inch over the top of the potatoes. Starting off with cool water, your potatoes, cook evenly as the water comes up to the temperature your potatoes come up to the temperature. If you start outputting cold potatoes in the boiling water, the outside of the potato is going to be mush before you get to cut the inside.
  6. And before this gets going too far, I’m going to take two eggs and I’m going to put those in the water with the potatoes. This recipe uses hard-boiled eggs. And since I’m boiling the potatoes anyway, I might as well just boil the eggs right along with the potatoes. So, just go ahead and add two large eggs to the pot, and you want to cover your pot and you want to bring this up to a boil. Now, once your water is boiling, go ahead and give your potatoes and egg, a gentle stir. You have to be careful with this because you do not want to break your eggs and you also don’t want to break up the potatoes.
  7. But once this comes up to a boil, you have to boil this for exactly 10 minutes and have to check to make sure that your potatoes are done. You want to take a couple of large pieces, take them out, put them on a spoon, and using a fork, you want to put the fork into the potato and you want just a little bit of giving in your potatoes before they break apart, Just the slightest little bit before the trail breaks up, you don’t want to cook these any longer than that because they will finish cooking when you take them off heat but you want to go ahead and drain them and once they are drained well go ahead and pour your potatoes and eggs back into the pot that you cook them in.
  8. And here you can dig out your eggs and you want to put your eggs in a bowl of cold water. You want to stop that cooking process as soon as possible because if you cook your eggs too long, you’re going to get that dreaded green and rang around that. A joke. Go ahead and put those in a bowl of cold water to stop the cooking process immediately. And then you want to keep your potatoes in the pot that you cook them in to cool. And you want to cool down completely before you do anything else with them, if you add a salad dressing to hot Potatoes, it’s going to break on, you don’t want that.
  9. So, just go ahead and let your potato steam off and cool. And I’m going to let these sit for about half an hour before I even start making the dressing for my potato salad. And while you’re waiting for your potatoes to cool off, you can go ahead and peel your eggs. You have to wait a little bit for your eggs to cool down before you peel them. Just go ahead and crack them on a countertop and then start peeling them. If you peel them underneath the water or running water, they peel super easily.
  10. It takes nothing to do with underwater water, gets out of there and the shell just slips off. Let’s go ahead and put your peeled eggs and set them off until later. I’m going to need a few vegetables for my dressing. I went ahead and already cut up half of a yellow onion. Everybody knows how to do that. I have also got two stalks of celery here. You’re just going to cut the ends off as well as the tops. If you want to save the tops, they make a nice garnish, you don’t have to keep them in. I’m not going to keep them here.
  11. The celery, you’re going to cut these sticks or stalks into quarters, and then I’m going to chop those up because I don’t like really big chunks of celery in my potato salad. So I’m just going to cut these into four slices, and then turn around and cut these into dice if you will. And I’m just gonna go ahead after I get that done and sent those off to the side until I need them later.
  12. Now, for our dressing in a large bowl, you want to make sure that you use a putty large bowl for this because it does make a lot of potato salad. I’ve got one and a half cups of mayonnaise. This recipe really does not work with Miracle whip. So since we’re going to be adding sugar to this, stick to the title, mayonnaise, I’m gonna throw my eggs in there. And using the back of a fork, I’m just going to break up my eggs. If you like big chunks of egg in your potato salad, don’t mash it up as much. But I’m going to mash this up pretty fine. Then you want to add in 1/4 of a cup of sugar, as well as a teaspoon and a half of salt to seems like a lot of salt. It really isn’t because there are a lot of potatoes here, 2 teaspoons of white vinegar. Just plain white, distilled vinegar.
  13. Then you want to add two tablespoons of sweet. Pickle relish. You can also use dill pickle relish if you want it to, I like the sweet in mind. And finally, I’m going to add in two teaspoons of prepared yellow mustard. If you like a more mustardy potato salad, you can add more mustard if you want to that’s perfectly acceptable, and then using a spoon or a fork whatever, just go ahead and mix this up. Well and then you want to add in your onions and celery and go ahead and get that mixed in and you want to make sure to mix all of your ingredients and get your dressing thoroughly mixed before you add the potatoes because you don’t want to over mix this.
  14. Once you get your potatoes added, so go ahead and take your cooled potatoes. Again, make sure that they are at least room temperature, you do not want them warm or hot at all. I’ll go ahead and add those into your bowl. And then using a spatula, I’m going to gently fold the dressing into my potatoes. You want your potatoes to remain as in this larger chunks as possible. So don’t go crazy, you want to gently fold this so your potatoes do stay as whole as possible.
  15. And a little secret for you, just to bind up the dressing just a little bit. I’m going to add two tablespoons of instant mashed potato flakes into the finished mixture. I’m just going to fold this is basically what does the potato flakes do, they bind up the dressing and make the dressing for it. Also helps it kind of stick to the potatoes a little bit better. So you’re dressing doesn’t run off of the potatoes, which can be a problem with some recipes.
  16. So, there you go. We want to make sure that those potato flakes are evenly distributed in there and everything is well, mixed together. Everything is combined perfectly, go ahead and give this a taste. Make sure that the salt is okay for you. If you need a little bit more salt, go ahead and add it. If you want to if you need more mustard or vinegar or kegs, whatever, now is the time to do it, but you want to go ahead and cover this with a piece of Something wrapped in Saran, wrap and refrigerate this for at least hours before you serve this the longer you let this sit the better it gets but there you go, that’s your basic, all around, simple homemade deli-style, or country style potato salad, definitely give this recipe a try.



Potato salads are easy to make and they taste very delicious and creamy as well. Just with few ingredients, your potato salad is ready. It is not only delicious but trusts me it is super healthy for you. Why not try this recipe and thank me later, hope you will enjoy it.

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