Nobody really knows how this great American comfort, chicken a la king recipe got its name. Some say it was invented and named after a guy named Don King others will say, it was actually named after a gentleman named James. G by, as I said, nobody knows for sure, which is why I usually go with. However, in this article, I’m going to show you how to precipe the chicken a la king recipe.


Chicken a la King Recipe

The story was named after boxing promoter Don King. And I’ve never not surprised at how many people actually believe that. But anyway, this recipe is very delicious. Beautiful in appearance and pretty easy to make as you’re about to learn So, let’s go ahead, get started.

And for this, you’re gonna need like three or four cups of cooked cubed up chicken, which is why I’m generally making this with the leftovers after roasting, a big chicken, we’ll go ahead and eat half and then save the rest of the meat for this ball. Of course, using the bones to make the stock, it’s the perfect system.


Chicken a la King Recipe


Ingredients for Chicken a La King Recipe

We’re going to need some cooked chicken, have some stock and then we’re also definitely going to need some mushrooms which I’ve simply halved and then cut into some nice thick slices. And then, we’re also going to need some diced Bell pepper.

I guess you could also use hot pepper or accommodation and then last but not least, we will mince up some shallots or some onion up to you. And that is basically going to be it for our main ingredients that you may want to prep ahead of time.


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How to make Chicken a la King Recipe

  1. And once that said, we’ll head to the stove where we’re going to start the cooking process by putting a pan on medium-high heat and adding a little touch of butter. And by the way, in addition to enjoying a delicious recipe, you’re also going to learn whether your stove is leveled. Mine is not although, In fairness, the entire city is now level. But anyway, we’re going to go ahead and melt that butter on medium-high heat.
  2. At this point, we will carefully add in our mushrooms, along with a nice, big pinch of salt and we will give that a stir. And then by now you probably know the mushroom drill that’s going to draw lots of water. So before the mushroom is sauteed,  we’re just going to be left with butter and mushrooms, which is basically what we have at this stage right here and what we’ll do is to allow mushrooms to dry out and start sauteing. Just let them cook for about 5 minutes or until they start to turn a nice light golden brown.
  3. Which way we can go ahead and toss in our shallots or like I said, minced onions which are pretty much going to work the same. They do say the shallot has a little more complex labor, but you know what they say, a lot of things. So no problem, usually onions. But anyway, we’ll go ahead and add our shallots and continue cooking for another few minutes which reminds me I should mention. This is one of those rare recipes where we don’t caramelize the mushrooms really dark. I mean, of course, you can if you want but classically speaking. This stuff is generally kept a little on the light side.
  4. So I continue sauteing for another three or four minutes until the mixture change. And then what will do once that’s been accomplished, is turn our heat down to medium and stir in our flour which will combine with that butter to form a roux, is what’s going to thicken this dish. So we’ll go ahead and stir that in until all those mushrooms are evenly coated. And they will basically just cook that on medium for about 5 minutes, to take the raw edge off that flour want to cook that for about five minutes or so. And above the Beyond appearance, one tip, you know, you’re getting close, the flour going to cast all that cooked pie crust. So don’t be afraid to use your eyes and your nose.
  5. And then once we feel like our flour is fine, we go ahead and dump in our diced peppers, and we will stir those in and cook those for about a minute. We’re not really cooking them so much, So we’ll just stir those around for about a minute or so until we have something better then go ahead and introduce our liquids or at least two out of three.
  6. So we’ll start by deglazing the pan with a little bit of sherry wine just a slash and I generally like to let that Sizzle for about 30 seconds or so. Before adding the next liquid, which will be some nice chicken stock or broth perfectly, and we’ll go ahead and stir that in. So ideally that stock you have is going to be chilled but even if it’s not I still don’t think you’re going to have lumps here.
  7. Go ahead and raise our heat to medium-high because we want to bring this up to a simmer. And of course, because we are working with a brew here, we’re not going to be able to tell how thick our mixture is until it starts to bubble. But anyway to recap we’re going to bring that up to a simmer on medium-high stirring occasionally and once it does start to simmer we will back the heat down to medium-low and will simply let that cook for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  8. It’s stirring occasionally before we move on to final production and what we’ll do at this point while we’re waiting is go ahead and add a few of our seasonings. First up we’ll add a little bit of freshly grated nutmeg. Repeat freshly grated, it’s so much better. We will also toss in a little bit of cayenne that never hurts as well as some freshly ground black pepper. Might as well also toss in another pinch of salt. Because even though I can adjust that at the end, I know just based on experience, I’m going to need a little more.
  9. So we’ll go ahead and give that a stir. And like I said, we’ll let that simmer for about 10 to 15 minutes on about medium-low. We’re basically just given those vegetables a little time to soften and sweeten up as well as our mixture is going to reduce a little and thicken up a little more. And I know I’m given the range of 10 to 15 minutes. So how long should you go?
  10.  Once that simmer for what we think is an appropriate amount of time, we can move on to final production and all that means is we’re going to toss in a little bit of freshly chopped. I’m as well as some Italian parsley or of times are tough. You can use the regular person. We will also at this point up that are heavy cream or crème. Fraîche, And then, last but not least, we will carefully stir in our chicken, which for me, was a little trickier than it should have been because I use such a small pan.
  11. And then here’s the end game, will turn our heat down to low, and because it’s already cooked, as soon as our chicken is heated through, we are ready to serve, assuming everything tastes good, and it’s been seasoned properly. I Will go ahead and take a taste it might need a little more salt, which I added and stirred it and that is pretty much, as soon as your chicken is heated through and you’ve determined has been seasoned appropriately.
  12. Go ahead and grab a ladle to serve this up right here. You can get a good look at your final viscosity, I don’t like my chicken a la king too thick but I don’t want it too thin either. So for me, this is just about perfect and we will go ahead and lay all that over some approved carb because I’m a little bit of a contrarian. I usually go over mashed potatoes, even though literally every allocating recipe in the world calls for a bowl of toasted rice or pasta. They never mention potato. But of course, that’s up to you.
  13. So going to finish up with some freshly snipped chives and that’s it. Our chicken a la king is done. They believe me, this is every bit as delicious and comforting as his looks. So let me go ahead and grab a fork and dig in and this really did come out wonderfully this is just one of those classic old-fashioned recipes the seems to warm me. Um, the inside out, I mean it’s sort of rich and creamy without being super, super heavy.


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This chicken a la king recipe is easy to prepare with few ingredients. It’s very mouth-watering and attractive at sight. It’s also delicious and packed with a lot of goodies at each spoon you will enjoy it till the end. Why not try this recipe and I hope you love it pretty well.

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