Easy vegetarian backpacking meals should not settle for rice and beans and instant potatoes for every meal in the backcountry. These meals have enough protein to keep you energized for heavy mileage days but are lightweight and packable. Think vegan meal strategy, anyone, in a hundred thirteen or fewer ingredients.

And you want to be called syllable or clickable if that doesn’t sound like pixie dust. I don’t know what does but I’ve done the hard work you’re in the right place.



Easy Vegetarian Backpacking Meals

Here are the 4,000 plus calories through the hiking menu. That’ll keep you in good spirits that on trail simplify your resupply game save you money and definitely keep you off to jump on the train today.

I am covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks diving into nutrients in disgust. Seeing how to simplify the resupply for taken. So let’s dive into it. We get it on if you didn’t know I’m not a nutritionist every day would read conflicting nutrition information, which makes it difficult to celebrate noise from a signal.

I’ll do my best here to keep us honest, but ultimately your health and nutrition. Is your full responsibility a small metal about me? I’ve been vegan for a while now, I’ve learned a decent amount along the way and love how much more accessible veganism is for people today.

Even those hiking out in the wilderness. It’s also easier than ever to sustain oneself on highly processed vegan foods.

I wanted to have a meal plan that is very easy to resupply when I go into a store. I want to know that what I need is on the shelves and also want to ensure I’m minimizing purchasing too much of any given product I calculated the average time between resupplies. It was just approaching four days. I use four days as my target and came up with measurements accordingly.


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Easy Vegetarian Backpacking Meals For breakfast

So we all know breakfast is important in carb-loading prior to a large workout such as walking tens of miles in a day can support your body massively. I have a nutritious and delicious 1200 calorie breakfast that will keep your body healthy and your bowels moving because what is help not bad.

I don’t know porridge in the past. I want to give you an exact recipe with no guessing work. Again. This is integrated into a simple resupply strategy. So as you learn more about the menu, you’ll see the bigger picture emerge stick with me.

I will cold sober meaning I typically don’t bring a stove backpacking for those cold-soaking while out on the trail. I’d recommend using a decent-sized peanut butter container 28 ounces or hires all the about right with a twisting lid these seem to be the lightest weight and Most industrious it selects jars others.

I’m using a mason jar. It doesn’t come with me on trial because it weighs a ton but it is a little healthier and I’m going to eat this today.


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Ingredients for Breakfast

So for breakfast, we have a simple 6 ingredient bullets recipe 1 and 1/4 cup of oats, these are Quaker Oats old-fashioned. I recommend these over quick oats as they’re better for you, 1/4 cup of light trader Joe’s the quarter some golden raisins also trader Joe’s tablespoons of chia seeds as well 3 tablespoons of coconut powder from Whole Foods one note on coconut powder is that there are many non-vegan brands of coconut powder as a vegan. Please do yourself a favor by reading the label why they put cows milk and coconut milk powder. I can not answer.


Method of Preparation

  1.  So we got everything in the container while drying give it a little shake the amount of water you add will depend on your preference.
  2. I find it a lot easier to eat oatmeal quickly. The more saturated it is so I go about 3/4 of an inch of it.
  3. Now you can eat it as if it’s ready or you could wait 10 to 15 minutes. It’s up to you and how you feel about raw oats. I recommend treating this as overnight oats after you wrapped up your dinner prepare your breakfast.

So there is no friction in the morning when trying to get out of Camp. They are forced to be enjoyed in bed as well as some quick notes on this recipe.


Note: If you’re unable to find coconut powder, you can substitute using a vegan vanilla protein powder or just use water and perhaps increase the number of peanuts or seeds to make up for the calorie differential Water. Shake a note that will taste as you guessed it oat milk. Worst case scenario can always add water to supplement 280 calories lost from not having the coconut milk power following the path of consolidation.

You could consolidate peanuts and sunflower seeds into one or the other as well. So if you wanted to or we’re missing products when attempting to resupply and then store that seems to have nothing you need you could consolidate this list to a four-ingredient recipe oats raisins.


Easy Vegetarian Backpacking Meals For lunch

chia seeds and your pick of sunflower seeds or peanuts for the second meal of the day. It’s our least healthy body is in the midst of tearing through calories and we want something simple quick and Re-enter the two-ingredient lunch packing for something that helps you regulate the sugar intake like at least choosing a healthy peanut butter for those keeping counts right over 2200 calories and it’s probably a few ticks for the noun or thereabouts.



Easy Vegetarian Backpacking Meals For dinner

We have dinner and snacks left to tackle dinner done right means getting in some of the nutrients your body can use to recover overnight. So I came up with an instant cold syllable dinner delivering about another 1,000 calories with this 6 ingredient recipe.



You’ll need 1/2 cup of dehydrated beans. I’m out of these so we substituting sunflower seeds, 3/4 of a cup of PVP textured vegetable protein bob’s red mill seems to have a widely available version. You can also use butler soy pearls though. These can be difficult to track down and or expensive the main difference is that PVP has more protein but has been defatted.

If neither at all are available head for that couscous, 1/4 cup of instant mash such as Idahoan though. God bless you if you find a vegan alternative while on a trail with a little more flavor, that’s where the 1/2 cup of raisins and Grady come in. The raisins are stable from our breakfast.

They reappear here. I go with golden raisins because I prefer how they taste plump and two teaspoons of gravy which is about 1/4 of a packet of standard reading packets vegan gravy can be found in most places though read the ingredients.


Method of preparation

Sometimes they sneak in our animal friends all back together. I like the quick dry Shake then we add the water to this timer for more crunch. So I go just up to the top and reshape it’s ready. If you want it. Now the sooner you get it the crunchy it will be and I enjoy


For snacks

Bars are everywhere these days. So accessible in there are so many options to choose from they make up a big portion of a thru-hikers menu. It can get a little crazy at times. I like to go with the classic vegans larger bars or sometimes a cliff bar and off-thrown complete cookie. So we’re going to bars are good options as well.

You can use bars to fill your calorie gaps, you know, you’re going to have a few bigger days, perhaps back a few extra bars the top off.

Form our strategy today. We have Eclipse 4,000 calories as you get deeper into the nutrition being derived from whatever it is, you’re eating you could also use bars as part of your supplement strategy for example one Cliff bar contains 25% of the B12 you need per day. So I prefer to use powders.

So that’s another option for you. I prefer not to fret and instead take a daily multivitamin every other day and a sublingual B12 supplement for every reason why my dosage amounts are related to blood tests. I’ve done to find the right balance particularly for B12 for me. It’s easier to carry the supplements and send the ones I don’t need forward in a balanced box speaking of nutrition and supplements.

Let’s take a look at the nutritional facts with and without the supplements in calories. No menu will be perfect. You can see with everything we need but it gets more subjective. It’s when factoring in the number of calories tend to burn per day.

Macronutrient targets increased the more exercise we do which can result in nutrient deficits the researchers all over the place as to the golden ratio comparing proteins to fax to carbohydrate.

I can easily go in and adjust the ratio to have everything show green, but just something to know listen to your body. You’ll have a lot of time walking out in your urine stool and regularity of your bowel movements are like the easiest ways.

To stay in touch. All right. So now let’s take the supplement away. You’ll see that there are core nutrients missing from the food for taking I feel pretty confident. I’ll be getting enough vitamin D from the Sun of the rest.

This is where he’s of resupply comes into play. There are a lot of foods, which could help us close this gap. Dried cherries, so I’ve taken note of the deficits underlying the multivitamin when in the town plan to lean into that food. During euros and zeros to ensure I’m getting vitamin A from the Source nutrition sheet for each recipe.

So onto diving deeper into the resupplying for vegan strategy. Not only did I select commonly available items. I selected proportions that make it easy to resupply.

For example, if you add up all the proportions of the reasons over four days, it comes out to about a pound bag of Phrasing the theme is similar for most all other items or they can easily fit into a bounce MOX excess food can always go into hiker boxes or into the mouth of new friends spread love longer resupplies. You might be able to find smaller quantities to help you through that one or two extra days, or you could just lean into a bar.




The last thing we talked about being lightweight. We also talked about trying to remain healthy. So how do we do we hit 126 calories per ounce without drinking oil when reading hikers such as Andrew skirt guitar get 130. I think we’ve just about made it. We’ve covered a delicious and nutritious easy Teresa. I’d even venture to say low-cost making backpack and resupply strategy.

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