Have you tasted a delicious eye round roast before? Or made an eye round roast recipe? Today I’m going to write about how to cook a gorgeous eye of round roast beef. Now we’re going plain and simply very traditional in this article.


Beef Eye Round Roast Recipe

This is half of an eye of round roast happen that’s all we need. So this We’re gonna do in this article. One point seven two kilograms, I believe this is so fresh and gorgeous.

On my stovetop very large, heavy bottom pan frying pan on a hike with about 3 or 4 tablespoons of oil. I use canola oil. But you could use olive oil, you could use sunflower or safflower oil or kind of will, you’re comfortable with something that has a nice high smoke point. I want to sear this on the outside and then we’re going to finish it in the oven very plain and simple with our seasoning salt.


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Ingredients for Beef Eye Round Roast Recipe

I have maybe a cup and a half of flour here because I want to dredge this on the outside, to get a nice crust.  A little bit of salt, a little bit of pepper, a little bit of cayenne, just for a little kick of spice and some paprika. Now, the flavor of this roast is going to speak for itself. You just need a little bit of salt.


Beef Eye Round Roast Recipe


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How to Cook Beef Eye Round Roast Recipe

  1. So mix that through the flower nice and we’re just going to dredge this coat on all sides. In other words, we have a nice little amount of fat here. That’s going to give us some good drippings and keep things nice and moist, get all those sides covered nicely. You don’t want it chunky, but you do want everything coated. These don’t take too long in the oven.
  2. And this is what we’re going to celebrate with, this is nice and dressed to see. It’s nice to lightly flour, Pat off any of the excess, it doesn’t need it and even to your frying pan, it goes a nice brown coating. I meant to turn it on all sides to get it round one species at the bottom is brown, then you’re going to turn it. Very gently with some baseballs. Make sure you turn it away from you into the oil so that it doesn’t Splash on you.
  3. When it looks beautifully browned, put your gloves on, it’s a little bit warm, pre-heat your oven to 425 degrees. Now, this week’s ground is so nicely, only going to leave it in the oven at 425 for maybe five to eight minutes, and then I’m going to turn it down to 325 and let it chill out a little bit more and finish Cooking until it’s done. This will probably take roughly an hour to finish and make sure you’re using a mixer monitor for your desired doneness.
  4. Whether you want it to be rare, medium-rare or all the way up to well done. I hope you don’t do well done, but so much said, alright. Obvious preheated into the oven. This goes, it’s so beautiful. It’s going to make the whole house smell like heaven. This has been going for 8 minutes, I’m turning it down to  25 degrees for this gorgeous eye of round roast of beef, let that thing go 40 to 45 minutes.
  5. I think I’m going to start checking it, especially since I did such a beautiful job rounding the outside. It’s going to give it a really good kick start. Now, this beef is done to medium in the center as it comes out and sits another five minutes under my little tent, which I put on there to make sure things didn’t get too Brown, it is going to rise at least another Degree.
  6. So here’s what she will look like, gorgeous. The roast, at this holiday or a special occasion. This would be a perfect meal to let this sit, for at least five to eight minutes. You want those juices to come down and okay, if you start slicing, now all the juices are going to come out is going to be dry. You don’t want that. You’ve been such hard work at keeping that in there by searing it in and then roasting it just right.
  7. So let those juices just kind of relax before you cut them, also the outside bits of this roast obviously are going to be more cooked than what’s in the center. So if people like more well done, you would serve them things slices towards the end. And if people that like things more rare slices towards the middle. It will look so gorgeous, the roast is done. Beautiful roasted veggies with it.
  8. There we go. Gorgeous and we are ready to slice things. A little easier on us. I’ll keep these veggies one at it. You can see her a little better now. What I said the outside bits are more well done than the inside ones. So, slice accordingly to what everybody desires for their meal. If you put a fork in here, while those juices are running wild, all that means going to lose this gorgeous juice. So, I’m going to cut sort of on the bias with a very sharp knife that beautiful. You get that gorgeous crust on the outside as well.
  9. This looks moist, it is Juicy. That is gonna be good now. Serve this with horseradish or whatever the heck you like look at that, what a gorgeous roast. As you get into the center, I hope it’s a little rarer. We had to wait for some people. So put it back into heat to keep warm.
  10. This is one beautiful roast, It smells so good. We have a ton of drippings you can make gravy, or you could do a whole nother batch of your keys, look at that. So let’s try apiece. I’ll show this to you to look at these beautiful slices. There you will see that the juice isn’t just running out and that’s what you want, you don’t want those juices. So, ferocious than it. Just loses everything. Only cut off what you need to leave the rest intact until it has needed. It just stays more moist and beautiful. All right, let me try a piece of this for you because wow.
  11. Gorgeous round crust. And the meat is so juicy but not all drippy. For lack of a better word. So be deep moist tender, simply beautifully seasoned, and I have to admit, I love the fact on a beef roast, you too long so much flavor. A lot of it is rendered out. It keeps the movie really nice and moist. So flavorful that is one good piece of roast beef. The crust is divine, we’re ready to eat and I want to serve this while it’s still warm.




That’s how you do it, that’s how you cook, a beautiful eye of round roast of beef. Easy, simple. Long as you have a little bit of time, it only took an hour in the oven to get done to a medium-rare in the center. So the outside or well done, inside rarer. And it tastes awesome and delicious. Why not try this recipe out, it is very simple and easy to make with just a few ingredients.

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