Would like to have a test of a frog eye salad or prepare a frog eye salad recipe? I’m going to go over the ingredients first and then I’ll let you know how I make my frog eye salad. so read on for more insight.

Do you know why it’s called a frog eye salad and what is a frog eye salad? I know it’s a little bit hard to find, but you should be able to find it here. You can always try to stock up but this is possible.


frog eye salad recipe


What is Frog Eye Salad Recipe

Referencing from Wikipedia, frog eye salad (likewise frog-eye salad or frog’s eye salad) is a kind of sweet pasta salad (dessert salad) made with little, round acini di pepe pasta, whipped garnish, and egg yolks. Natural products, like mandarin oranges and pineapples, are regularly blended in, and it is here and there finished off with marshmallows, all of which add to the pleasantness while adding variety. The diverting name clearly alludes to the pasta resembling the frog’s eyes.


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Ingredients for Frog Eye Salad Recipe

For the ingredients I got Mandarin oranges, I am using six cans of Brooke cocktail in heavy syrup and I am using pineapple tidbits. One can if I wasn’t using these small hands, I would use to make our chance of the cocktails. I’m using two bags of marshmallows little ones. You can also use the rainbow ones. These ones on top of cool web sugar and flour.

Now, I am going to tell you is what I use this for. I am also using a measuring cup for my little monkey thing. I don’t know what you call this. So this is what I do to make my frog eye salad. This is how you make your sauce,  Just read on to know more and know how to make frog eye salad.


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How to Prepare Frog Eye Salad Recipe

  1. I only use the juice of the pineapple, I just use the juice and juices out of there. Just a pineapple juice. 1 tbsp, flour, 1 Egg. And I have my two cups of sugar right here, that’s all. This is all you need for the sauce, I have my sauce, pan right here, you’re going to just pour it in and whisk this up till it combines well.
  2.  You want to do it off the saucepan and off the fire because the flower can create little flower balls that you don’t want in your sauce, but it’s okay if you don’t do it Over in the saucepan because we’re still gonna use a colander later on for the sauce, which is risk till It gets thick.
  3. I’m just mixing all the ingredients together, the egg, the flour, and the sugar. After that, I’m risking it, this really good. I’m going to put it into this pan, turn it on right now on medium-low heat.
  4. Don’t stop whisking, this is very crucial to the sauce. Remember, don’t leave it alone. You have to babysit it. Just keep whisking. Make it into a thick consistency and it is bubbly.  And I kept mixing and now it’s on medium. I’m going to take it off the fire because it’s thick and it’s already at sauce consistency.
  5. So I’m just going to whisk it a few times off the stovetop and It’s at the consistency that I want you can make it to the consistency you want.
  6. So now what I’m going to do Is I’m going to get the sauce, use a colander just to catch anything like the egg that didn’t bother getting here with skin or maybe little chunks of pineapple. This is a combination of pineapple and egg and flour. It’s not the end of it, I don’t know what I’m gonna do with this. I’m going to put it in the fridge or freezer until It gets cool.
  7. And then over here, I have boiling water and this is for the pasta. I’m going to boil the pasta. I’m gonna bring it when it’s done and then once this is cooled, I’m going to put it in the pasta and then put it in the fridge. So the water was boiling and then I put the pasta and then I stirred it so that it doesn’t get stuck because the little boss could stick together because it’s pasta. So just give it a little Stir. Make sure it’s all broken up and leave it for about seven-eight minutes until it’s soft.
  8.  So I took about 10 minutes for mine to be soft and I drained it out of the water and I put it in the colander and I ran it through cold water. Now I’m trying to get every last bit of water out of it and I’m going to set this aside until the sauce is cool. I don’t want to add it to the pasta when it’s hot because it’s going to make it more sticky.
  9.  I went ahead and I kept mixing this all in the fridge just like a cool-off. It’s nice and cool and you can see all the white bubbles have disappeared. This is how it should look, that is like syrup, and here’s my pasta, I drained all the water. I let it sit in the colander over another path. So all that water could fall down and drain.
  10. So it makes it really good now, read carefully. Leave it alone because what this is doing is absorbing the juice, the syrup. You’re going to leave it Overnight. And if you make it the same day, that’s okay too. I’ve done that before. But I do it four to five or six up to six hours before the rest of the ingredients. And just make sure that you let it sit because you don’t want your salad to be watery. After that, it’s in the fridge.
  11. The next day, I went ahead and I left my pasta to sit overnight, and I want to see, I want most of the Cocteau for a cocktail. I’m using this spoon because it has little holes that gonna get whatever. Strong, just as I left over.
  12. So, this is what I’m going to do next. I’m going to put my pasta in this bowl, along with my whipped cream and my fruit cocktail, and then I’m going to mix it all. And then I will be back to not put the marshmallows yet.
  13. Here’s my fruit and the pasta mixed, I mixed it in Rioja. And now I’m going to add the cumin and then my last step is I’m going to have the two bags of marshmallows and that’s it, so this is what it’s supposed to look like. Remember you put the marshmallows at the very end it just makes it more attractive. I hope you like it. Enjoy.



Why it is called frog eye salad is because of the pasta used. This salad is very delicious, and wonderful. Very filling and you will love every scoop of it. Very healthy and not too difficult to make. Why not try this article out and I know you will enjoy it.

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