We got good to go meal lineup here which is for review herbed mushroom risotto, Pad Thai, Indian vegetable korma, Thai curry, Kale and  White bean stew, Mexican quinoa bowl, chicken gumbo, classic marinara with pasta, smoke three-bean chili, new England corn Chowdah, and bibimbap all line up for today’s recipe and I’m excited about this article. Read on to know more about good-to-go meals.


Good to go Meals Review

We have a full Lineup of amazing food and we’re doing a taste test putting all head-to-head. I’m about to eat a hundred twenty-six thousand calories straight. No stopping so that I can give you the best damn food advice ever. I’m super excited to bring this article to you mostly because I get to eat amazing food.

So when it comes to Backcountry meals, there’s some Hit or Miss options out there. Are and good to go has been a long time one of my absolute favorites.

I’m going to try every single one out and tell you which ones I like the best. These meals are absolutely ideal for backpacking. So this is about as easy as it gets.

All you need to do is boil water pour it in the bag and wait a little bit of time and you’ve got an amazingly delicious meal that doesn’t get any simpler. So these are the go-to meals for getting started with backcountry meals. Let’s check them out, you have a lot of options when it comes to what you eat in the backcountry as a long-time Backpacker.

I definitely have done the full spectrum. If you’re a beginning Backpacker, I absolutely recommend you start with these it doesn’t get any easier and they’re actually some really good options out there.

I have come across good-to-go Foods. I think that the quality is unparalleled with these so we reached out to them to see if they would send us their full spectrum and I’m excited to be taste testing all of these today to find out what my favorites are. We got some water boiling up.

All we have to do is put the right amount of water. This is important because one way to wreck these types of meals is to add too much water make them a big soup. So we’re going to add the right amount of water.

We got to wait about 20 minutes approximately some of these will vary a little bit and then I get to enjoy so it doesn’t get any simpler than that and these are going to be good. So I’m going to let you know. What’s my favorite. There we go.

Make sure you find some additional sachets in some of them take them out. You do want to be in that and I go down here rimless likely to make an error. It’s gonna look soupy at first but obviously, everything is dehydrated. So it’s going to soak all of that up. Pad Thai make sure you take out the peanut pack that is a sweet little topping to put on top.

The table is set, we’ve got a fine spread. All of the boiling water has been poured. All we have to do now is wait. I am happy to recommend them is the quality of the ingredients that goes into this.

One of the co-owners behind get to go is Jennifer Schism and she has worked for Michelin-rated restaurants. She’s been an award-winning chef and basically, she puts a lot of care and love into her food and you can totally tell also the food is awesome.

If you are a vegetarian or a vegan or a pescetarian in most Backcountry meal options in this category. If you fit that category, there’s really not much you can do it’s kind of tough luck. There’s not a lot of good quality meals for you.

However, most of the good to go as food is really conscious of that. So there are some really good options. The Thai curry is great. If you are gluten-free and pescatarian as I believe it is a white fish that is actually the meat protein here.

Let’s see Indian vegetable korma gluten-free. A vegetarian meal that’s awesome again gluten-free and pescatarian on the pad thai vegan on the Korean bibimbap and yet vegan on the herb brush mushroom risotto again.

So most of these if you’re gluten-free vegan or vegetarian, are awesome options for you. The time is ticking away. I think the ones that we started with are just about ready. There’s probably about five or ten minutes that we need to wait. On these ones here on the end. So I think it’s time to get it started.


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List of Good to go Meals

Herbed mushroom risotto review

good to go meals review

First up is the herbed mushroom risotto or as Gordon Ramsay would say the risotto. I don’t know if that’s actually would say, but I’m excited to try this one out. That’s damn good. This one might be at an advantage because it’s the first one I’m eating but that is satisfying the risotto has a nice texture.

It’s nice and creamy and the mushrooms are delicious. And yeah, that one’s just got a really nice flavor. I do more than two bites of got too much thinking. Sounds good.


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Korean bibimbap review

good to go meals review

Next up the Korean bibimbap. These ones are colorful certainly look beautiful. Let’s see how it tastes. Now it’s got some spice to it. I really like the texture in the carrots looks like there are mushrooms in there. All those veggies have a really nice texture to them before the great option if you like vegetables.



Pad thai review

good to go meals review

okay on the pad thai this one. I think I’m the most excited about so may have an unfair advantage in some of the rankings because I just love Pad thai. So let’s add these peanuts see how she goes.

Nice texture on the noodles. This one’s going to be hard to beat. That’s fantastic. So I gotta be honest. I’ve had this one before, so I already knew that I loved this one, and cooking it again confirms it this one’s a winner.


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Indian vegetable korma review

good to go meals review

All right Indian vegetable korma another one, I’m excited about anything from this part of the world. It’s got an unfair advantage in my book because I huge fan of Indian food, Thai food. Those are pretty much my two favorites. So, let’s see how they did managing to recreate this one.

Looks like some nice chick peas in there. That is fantastic. How can they all be good? I don’t know the so far they are carrots parsnips green beans, dried chickpeas, onions, peas, dried tomato flakes can tomato-based find ripened Tomatoes, shredded coconut.

Try low-fat yogurt skim milk grapeseed oil Ginger walnuts. Garlic salt coriander fennel seed I can’t be giving away their secret sauce.



Thai curry review

good to go meals review

We got Thai curry again sticking with this part of the world again something that I’m excited about trying. Let’s see, see how she does.How am I going to decide this is fantastic too. Wow. I think this one moves to the front of the list that country meals back packing meals always have the advantage of you being downright starving when you eat them.

So pretty much when you’re backpacking anything tastes good. However, I have not been backpacking. So this is up against the fact that I have access to other food if I wanted to eat it.

So the fact that this tastes truly amazing that really bumps it up a notch to me that when you’re in the backcountry, you can only imagine how good it would actually taste it. That’s phenomenal got to keep the train rolling up.



Mexican quinoa bowl review

good to go meals review

Next Mexican quinoa bowl see how this one does looks like there’s a lot of good black beans in there peppers. I like this one. However, I’m going to rank it a little bit lower mostly because the other flavors seem so rich and sweet.

Maybe it’s the sweetness that’s getting to me that I really enjoyed about the tie and Indian ones and now moving to a spicier Spectrum it Is very good. I don’t want to suggest that it’s not good because it truly is good. But I think I’m going to rank this one a little lower.



Classic marinara with pasta review

good to go meals review

Switching continents again classic marinara with pasta. This kind of has always been one of the go-to classics of backpacking heels just in general with other brands that I’ve eaten for a long time. So, let’s see how good to goes take adds up. Looks good.

The noodles actually have a real noodles texture and look as opposed to sometimes definitely in these before this style like a noodle dish where the noodles just completely fall apart and you’re just eating mush. That’s no good. It’s like Mama spaghetti.

That’s good, I’m on the marinara pasta-style dishes. That’s probably one of the best ones I’ve ever taste. Chicken gumbo getting fancy. This one looks cool. I think that must be okra in there that over the okra, you know, that’s good. Okra is a great texture. I mean, it’s crazy that we can be talking about backpacking meals.



Smoke three bean chili review

good to go meals review

Smoke three-bean chili, I love that. They’re so many options. There is a wide spectrum of tastier to go with that’s a nice trillion.Chili’s always good to eat.

Especially when backpacking is an excellent really option starting to get full. But I got more to go I’m enduring for you.



New England clam chowder review

good to go meals review

I think this is the one that I was most curious about when we opened up the packages of all the food options New England clam chowder. I like the actual chowder. It’s clever. I like it. And this one seems a little riskier just on a surface level see how they pull this one.

So I bet they got it nailed. I don’t think I’ve ever had a backpacking meal quite like this one. It smells amazing. All right, there’s one definitely wins an award for at least most creative and it’s truly good so spot-on on being creative and tasty thanks to the New England clam chowder.



Kalin white bean stew review

good to go meals review

last but not least maybe the healthiest option on the table Kalin white bean stew. Let’s see how it taste. Exhale really comes through nicely. It scales your thing. Sounds good. There’s no case extremely healthy and delicious. This is difficult to finalize.

The winner is the Thai curry tastes the best just pure taste. It’s got sweetness and a creaminess that is unbelievable. The whole flavor of everything stands up the noodles. It’s all so good. Second Let’s go with the risotto.

Yeah, this one was surprised that I was not actually expecting very good things out of this one just purely based on it sounded kind of boring to me. I guess sorry to say it. But this one really knocked it out of the park. I really really enjoyed it. I’m gonna be coming back and eating this one again and again.

And I think to round out the top three. Oh, is that too much tie? I don’t know. I still got to go with it the pad thai it’s so good.

And I know that the Thai curry and the pad thai they’re very similar, but they are unique in their flavors. So they don’t taste just like it be there are there they’re unique and independent and they hold up. So there you go. Those are my top three all of them deserve Awards.

They are super good. You can go with any single thing on here for your next backpacking trip, and I’m sure will be satisfied and loving it and probably you’ll find your new favorite backpacking real.




Good to go meals are meals that are already prepared and packaged with great ingredients. With just hot water your meal is good to go as the name implies. They have different meals which all taste great and very healthy for you. They are prepared with very quality ingredients which makes them unique. Try good to go meals and thank me later.

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