You can actually prepare healthy meals without vegetables. Not everyone like vegetables so if you are one of those people this article is for you. In this article I’m writing about 2 meals you can prepare without vegetables and they still taste great and still healthy. Not only are they healthy but also cheap and easy to make.


Healthy Meals without Vegetables


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Rice with chicken

Healthy Meals without Vegetables

Method of preparation

  1. So first of all, I measure the rice getting three full cups. I usually use white rice, but sometimes I’ll get some brown rice. It really just depends on the day. They both have the same amount of carbs in approximately the same amount of fat and protein per serving.
  2. After drying the rice in the rice maker, I add 5 cups of water until the rice fully covered next I spray some ham on top of the water. So the rice doesn’t stick on the bottom of the pot.
  3. Finally, I add some salt. Just to give it some flavor I close and secure the rice maker and set it to cook for white rice. In this case, this phrase maker is really easy to manipulate weather is getting ready.
  4. I start with the chicken, I wash it really well and I also like to slice it and make it thinner. In that way, the time of cooking is reduced.
  5. Next, I start to mix up the season is for the chicken first. I used 3 spoons of the Aji panca, which is a brilliant red pepper. I used a half spoon of Dublin’s garlic and a little bit of salt and then after that mix them all together.
  6. They are you start to spread the seasoning all over the fish chicken and let it rest for 10 minutes. After that, I get the grill ready and spray with Pam. So the chicken doesn’t stick to the grill after I position all the pieces on top of the grill. After 30 minutes the rice in the chicken already.
  7. Then I place the chicken the rice into big containers and store them in the fridge. Whenever I need to eat, I bring the containers out and dish out the chicken and rice on a plate.

This recipe is very simple, it tastes great and mouthwatering. The chicken tastes spicy and very nice and the rice tastes great also. So without vegetables, I made this wonderful dish without vegetables.


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Chicken Apricot

Healthy Meals without Vegetables

Up next I’m going to show you how to make one of my favorite dishes a chicken apricot and all of the dishes that are cooked in a very unique way. It’s super fragrant low in calories. I guarantee if you are going to love it.


Method of preparation

  1. So here I have my company of onions already sauteing medium-high heat. Don’t put your onions on high heat. Nothing worse than a burnt onion, especially when you’re making a dish like this want to make sure that they’re cooked on medium-high heat.
  2. All right, so I’m going to add a little bit of sea salt here. I just love the fusion of sea salt when it hits the onion tiny bit of pepper. I love getting a tricolor mixed-up pepper simply because having the red white and black gives it a really exotic taste.
  3. All right, So the onions are now lightly sauteed. I’m going to add chicken thighs to the dish as lightly spiced them with sea salt pepper and a little bit of cinnamon just to give it that exotic taste that we’re looking for in this particular dish.
  4. I use chicken thighs because of the fat content. Yes, there is fat in there, but super flavorful if you get an organic chicken actually pretty healthy for you. Are you not too high in fat you can use any meat you like chicken breasts really? It’s up to you to choose. So now I still have the heat on medium-high and I’m going to wait for the chicken to turn almost like a white color.
  5. Okay. Well, this is not you’re going to want to chop about a cup and a half of apricots and about a cup and a half equal parts of pitted olives. Please make sure that your olives are pitted.
  6. Okay. So while this is going I’m going to take a little bit about what this little guy right here. It’s on top of this lower down because I’ve already brought it up to a semi boil and you’re going to put it to medium heat now even down a little bit lower If you’re using electricity, you can use a slow cooker. Don’t worry. You don’t have to run out and grab one of these guys. They’re not terribly expensive. But if you have a slow cooker or even a saucepan you can get away with that, of course, want to make this definitely big leaving for everybody
  7.  So that’s why I’m using something like this taiji. If you wanna search and see where you can find that okay. So the chicken is almost brown on one side again. You want to be a little white slightly opaque. Now, I’m going to add the olives that are fitted. Same hot color that’s popping right now. Just so beautiful, especially when you’re cooking with us.
  8. So I just added about 16 oz can of organic diced tomatoes most likely 20 minutes. This will cook all the way through. So now I’m actually going to Plate these beautiful dish tomatoes all artichoke dish is absolutely time totally to Perfection.
  9. The taste is this is overwhelming, you need to try this.




Some people don’t like to see vegetables in their food or at times they want to eat without vegetables. This article got you covered. You can still eat healthy food without including vegetables and it still tastes great and spicy. I hope you like this article and you are ready to give it a try. Enjoy!!!

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