Hi! Do you know how to make pickling spice? Well, I’m going to show you how to make your own pickling spice. Really fun. Super easy. You’ll like this. Alright so in the past few years pickling and fermentation, have become really, really popular.

And a lot of the recipes for pickles or corned beef or pastrami or different types of brines will contain pickling spice as an ingredient ain’t going to the grocery store and you can grab it.

And that’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with that. But you can also make it yourself at home and it’s less expensive and you can tailor it to exactly what you like.


How to make pickling spice


What You Should Know About Pickling Spice Recipe

Homemade pickling spice is easy, delicious and so much better than store-bought plus you can customize it however you like. They’re fine.

So we have two elements that we’re going to use. The first is we’re using a bunch of seeds and varieties. This is juniper berry. We have black peppercorns, dill seeds, and mustard seeds, and then whole dried bay leaves. This is red pepper flake.

So this is our whole spice element over here. And then here we have a couple of different things. This is ground ginger. You can use whole ginger if you want to just slice up bits and pieces, but I happen to have had it, this is ground mace and this is ground coriander.

If you have coriander ponds feel free to use whole pods. You’d probably want to use five or six on this side. I have two tablespoons of each one of these ingredients. So again, juniper berries, peppercorns, allspice, whole mustard, any brown mustard if you want to or that’s what you have red pepper flakes.

I have two tablespoons each of the coriander and the ground ginger. And about a tablespoon of the ground makes you don’t see the maze too often anymore. It does not have very many recipes, although, in the middle ages, it was one of the most popular.


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How to Make Pickling Spice

  1. So, all I did over, there was just crumpled up, those dried bay leaves. And for here, this is just a medium and all I’m going to do is toast the spices to wake him up. If you’re not going to use your pickling spice right away, hold off on toasting them.
  2. Toasting, I use a dry skillet, by the way, don’t put any oil. Nothing goes in the skillet, just the spices. I have a nonstick skillet, it doesn’t matter. You can use either one doesn’t matter in this case. But by toasting them, you’re going to kind of open up and wake and some of the essential oils and these spices. Oh, I forgot to say, I have a couple of small cinnamon sticks. If your cinnamon stick is real big, just use one and break it in half.
  3. The only reason I’m not drawing these in with the Spices is that these have already been crowned, grinding. By its very nature, will open up a size a little bit. So if you have ground spices, make sure you use them pretty quickly because they’ll lose their flavor. So again, if you’re going to use these right away, go ahead toast it.  If you’re not going to use it immediately hold off on toasting your spices until you’re ready to go.
  4. All right, we’re just going to wait on their toast, so we will get testy. And then we’re just gonna throw it together, you will see what it looks like. When we’re all done.
  5.  We didn’t even worry about developing any color on the spices. What you might do is watch for your mustard seeds,  I was gonna say, can you hear that. Those are your mustard seeds popping. So you want to kind of look for that but it’s not entirely essential and if you’re not careful, you’ll scorch them. I just don’t like that method ever great hint on these places, you can go to the grocery store.
  6. You can go to the grocery store to buy a size like this, and you’re going to pay four or five dollars for it. We’re like six dollars for something like this, or you can go online to the big-box store. My favorite place, you can buy a bag for about the same price. Now you have to kind of balance. You have to kind of balance the quantity that you get against how much you’re going to use before they go bad. But a nice trick is, if you get a large quantity of something like this, I paid four dollars for this. You can vacuum seal it and throw it in the freezer that way.
  7. You have a much longer shelf life for your whole spices, right? You will spend much less buying in bulk online and buying a little bit. If all you ever use is a little tiny bit, then don’t worry about It use what you buy, what you can use if you’re letting me go through lots of spices, that’s the best way to do it here. That’s headaches with spices and this is all we do at this point.
  8. Fragrance. I hear the rooster. The fragrance is amazing. And that’s it for my pickling spice that is ready to go. So you can make pickles. You can do what we’re about to do just to make our own homemade or be right? How many pickling spice best stuff ever.



You can make your homemade pickling spice at the comfort of your home which is easy, delicious, and also so much better than store-bought and you can customize it however you like. Best of all it’s cheap and easy to make from scraps and pantry staples. With this recipe making your pickling spice is very simple, just step by step and you will get your desired delicious pickling spice.

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