There are lots of spicy Indian foods and this spicy Indian rice recipe is one. I want to get harder and welcome you to the secret of how to cook Indian food. Well, I’ll be bringing you the tips and tricks and techniques that you need to cook delicious Indian dishes at home. I’m going to teach you how to make something that some people often struggle with the perfect Indian rice.


Spicy Indian Rice Recipe

We’re going to infuse it with a selection of peacefully automatic spices and it’s perfect to be served with any of your favorite Indian dishes. So the first thing that we’re going to do is talk about the rice here in this bowl. I have some basmati rice. This is now really readily available in most supermarkets. If you ever get the opportunity to go to an Asian supermarket, you will often see aisles dedicated to Rice.

I don’t want you to get confused. Is for this recipe. You just need everyday basmati rice. That’s going to work perfectly. Now, the first thing that is incredibly important to make sure that you’re going to get those individual fluffy grains of rice is to wash it first.

This is a step that some people do miss out but it is the most crucial. It’s important to wash away the excess starch. Before we go into the methods of preparation let me list out the ingredients needed for this delicious dish.


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Ingredients for Spicy Indian Rice Recipe

  • 2 cups of basmati rice
  • Fresh bay leaves
  • 4 cups of water
  • 1 teaspoon oil
  • cloves
  • green cardamom
  • cumin seeds


Indian rice recipe


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How to make Indian Rice Recipe

  1. So we’re going to wash this three or four times until the water runs clear. When you’re washing the rice, you can either use a colander or you can wash it in a big bowl, make sure that you wash it three or four times initially, you’ll see that that water is very cloudy and that’s the excess starch. So just wash it four times until that water, get nice and clean, then you will know that the rice is ready to start cooking.
  2. So the rice is all wash, so I’m just going to keep that to the side. The first thing that we’re going to do is toast off some spices. Now, this is optional but it adds an injection of flavor Aroma, and fragrance to your rice. So, the first thing we’re going to do is add in some oil, just about a tablespoon, so while the oil is getting nice and hot, we are going to talk about the spices.
  3. So the first thing here I’ve got are some bay leaves. I’ve got fresh bay leaves from the garden but you can use dried as well. I’ve also got some cloves as well as some green cardamom and we are also going to be adding in some cumin seeds, if you don’t have all of these spices, don’t worry. But I’d say, cumin is possibly the most important one. For this dish and the cardamom pods, we are just going to give them a quick bash.
  4. There are little seeds inside the pot so it’s important to get them out to release that flavor. Cardamom will be crushed before we get cooking. I am just going to talk about measurements because this is really important and it’s a stage that a lot of people get a little bit confused on there are so many different ways of cooking rice. You can cook it in a rice cooker, a pressure cooker, even this method which is called the absorption method is cooked in lots of different ways.
  5. So, the terms of my recipe, which I think is the foolproof recipe. We have rice here, which was obviously washed. This is two cups of rice and I’m talking about measuring cups here and that’s about 380 grams. This will serve about four people. Now, even if you’re not using risk up, if you’re using an actual coffee cup or a mug, what’s really important is that you use the same vessel to measure your water. So in my recipe, we’re doubling the amount of rice when it comes to the water.
  6. So if we’ve used 2 cups of rice, we’re going to use four cups of water. So we’ve got 380 grams. If we’re measuring it. If you want to be pedantic, you can be. And that’s four cups of water which is approximately 818 Mills. So if it’s the first time cooking it and you want to be really specific and accurate it might be a good idea to measure ordinarily at home. We just kind of go by what vessel we’ve measured the rice in and we’ll do the same thing for the water.
  7. So now I’ve covered the measuring, One of the things we’re going to start cooking. Now, the oil is nice and hot. And that’s really important for, extracting the full flavor of our spices. If we start adding spices to cold oil, nothing really happens. So heat is what brings out that flavor. So we’re going to add our bay leaves in. First got four as well as our cloves but two teaspoons of cumin seeds and I’ve crushed cardamom is going to go in to give up the quick mix.
  8. You can really smell, we are going to work quickly and very carefully with our water in there. There will be a little bit of splash park, so be careful. So we’ve now infused water with all of those beautifully toasted spices. So I can already tell. This is going to be a very flavorful Lys dish. We’re going to add some salt, you can use whatever sort you have in.
  9. I’ve got some fine sea salt and I’m going to add to level teaspoons, we’re now going to give this a quick mix and want to pop the lid on, and we’re going to bring this to the boil, the water has come to a boil. That is a very frequent facial that I’m getting right now. So we’re going to pop in the rice and again be careful because this water is hot and there might be a little bit of splashback. Also, make sure that you’ve drained the rice well and there’s no excess water in here. Otherwise, that can mess up the measurements.
  10.  We’re going to get every last grain out. That’s how my mom taught me. So, every last little green and we’re going to now. Give this a quick mix, so the idea now is to make sure this comes to a boil, which mine has now started to do. As soon as you see that this comes to a boil. Pop the lid back on, don’t cover it completely just halfway and we’re now going to let this cook on medium heat, so reduce the heat down.
  11. It should be at a rolling simmer and we’re going to cook this for five minutes. Now, a little tip, I always tell people is, when cooking this recipe to use a wide pan, The wider, the pan, the more space, the rice has to grow and expand and so then you don’t get those clumps of rice so avoid using a narrow saucepan okay it’s been 5 minutes so let’s have a little look so I can see that the water has evaporated from the top but we should be able to see some water at the bottom.
  12. So you just use a fork and very carefully. Check the bottom of the pan. There’s still some water there. So this now needs a further 5 minutes so let’s put that lid back on halfway want to set the timer for 5 minutes and check up on it again. Now it’s really important that this is still not low to medium heat if your pan is too hot. That water will evaporate too quickly, it’s been another five minutes. So let’s check the rice again. We’re now going to use a fork again just to check if it will come up and see if that water has evaporated fully, which it should have done. Yet, there’s no water at all at the bottom.
  13. I’m now going to turn the pan off. That’s really important. This rice is now ready. The water is completely evaporated. We can see the grains of rice curled and are picking up, which is perfect. So the final step is now just to allow the rice to rest for five minutes. So I’m going to take this off the heat completely. Otherwise, it will continue cooking. If you’ve got a gas hob, obviously can keep on and just Gasps off.
  14. But with this being electric, I’m just going to take them off the Hub. Allow and rest for 5 minutes and then we’re going to serve up.  Has now been resting for five minutes so let’s have a look at it. This smells amazing and it looks perfect. Beautiful individual greens and whites. That’s what we’re looking for. So now it’s time to serve up before we do. So we do see to open up the rice. It’s good to use something wide like a puddle.
  15. I’ve got a white slotted spoon here and we’re going to very gently open up the rice. So you don’t want to break the greens, to be really gentle handed and we can just see by opening up the rice that these grains are beautiful and fluffy and perfectly cooked and the smell from the spices. The cumin, the bean leaves cardamom. The color is just absolutely beautiful. So just being super Polite handy.
  16. Open it up and now we are ready to serve. So I usually like to use a platter to serve my rice on. So it looks peaceful when you present on the dining table at home, so many Indians use their hands whenever they’re eating rice. If you’re serving it with something like a doll, it’s lovely to just use your fingers, work, the darling to the rice, and then eat it with your hands. It’s so satisfying.



You see this a lot in South And East Indian cultures, their Cuisine revolves around rice, and using your hands is so satisfying. How beautiful it does. This look, I’m going to finish off by garnishing with our bay leaves because they look beautiful.

And there we have it perfectly cooked steamed, Indian rice, infused with those amazing spices. You’re now ready to dig into this alongside your favorite curries. I hope you’ve enjoyed this lesson on the Secret of how to cook Indian food.

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