I’m very excited to show you my take on this iconic, special occasion dish lobster thermidor recipe. You not only is this going to look great and tastes amazing. It’s also going to be easy to eat which is not always something we can say about your typical lobster recipe.

It’s almost as if they’ve developed some kind of evolutionary defense mechanism to help protect them from being consumed but here because we’re using tails is separating them from the shell ahead of time.


Ingredients for Lobster Thermidor Recipe

For 2 large or 4 appetizer size portions:

  • 4 lobster tails (about 4 oz each )
  • 3 tablespoons of butter, divided
  • 2 tablespoons minced shallots
  • salt to taste
  • 11/2 cup of diced mushrooms
  • 1 tablespoon flour
  • 2 tablespoons cognac or brandy
  • 1/2 cup of whole milk
  • 2 tablespoons of creme fraiche or heavy cream
  • 1 generous tablespoon minced fresh tarragon
  • cayenne to taste
  • 2 teaspoon dry breadcrumbs
  • 2 teaspoons freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese
  • 2 teaspoons melted butter for the top


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Lobster Thermidor Recipe


How to Prepare Lobster Thermidor Recipe

  1. We’re going to end up with something extremely user-friendly. By the way, only look hard to make as you’re about to see. We’re going to need to prepare our tails before we cook them. And what I have here for approximately 4 ounces each lobster tails, although this technique will work the same with any size and prepare these.
  2. What we need to do is take some scissors and cut through that lighter, softer bottom shell right where it attaches on the side to that thicker upper side. So we will cut from the big end all the way to the end right. With those two shells means I’m on both sides and by doing that, once this is cooked, we’re going to be able to pull out all the meats.
  3. And then once our Lobster meat mixture is prepared, we’ll go ahead and top that right back into the shell to create what most people think, is a pretty impressive presentation. So we’ll go ahead and make our two cuts on the bottom of each tail. We’ll head to the stove to almost cook these all the way but not quite, it will do that in some melted butter over medium-high heat. So we’ll go ahead and place those in.
  4. Tie-down, I’m also tossing any of those little flippers that came off, and what we will do is cook this covered for about five minutes or so. Until like I said they’re just about all the way cooked through, don’t forget this is going to get cooked again once our shells are stuffed, so we don’t want to overcook them at this stage. So what we’ll do is to cut the side down and then after about 3 minutes, we’ll go ahead and uncover them and over to the Shell side or at least one side of the shell.
  5. And then once those are turned will cover it back. Cook that for one minute uncover it turn those to the other side of the shell and then go ahead and give just one last minute to cook. If everything goes according to plan, they should be just about almost cooked throughout, let’s say 85 to 90%. Okay, so to recap about 3 minutes on the cut side and then a couple of minutes on the shell side, and once that is set. What we want to do is, turn off the heat and remove those lobster tails to a bowl along with the other shell remnants we’ve added because we’re just about to use this pan to cook our shallots.
  6. So once everything’s been removed, we’ll put the heat back on to medium and add a nice chunk of butter along with some shallots and a pinch of salt. And what we’ll do is cook those stirring for about three or four minutes until they sort of soften up and turn translucent, the moisture from the shell should start to deglaze the bottom of the pan. The Lobster juice has to start to caramelize on, and then we’ll do it after a few minutes.
  7. Once our shallots are looking a little something, go ahead and toss in your diced mushrooms. If you’re using these are optional, although I consider them personally and we’ll go ahead and cook those stirring for about 5 or 6 minutes until they sort of turn a golden brown. And not only are these mushrooms going to help increase the volume of our stuffing, which of course in the business we call filler but they’re also like flavor sponges and they’re going to absorb all that caramelized Lobster flavor from the pan.
  8. Since we cooked to have a similar texture, we’ll go ahead and cook those until they’re shorter and at this point, we’re going to toss in about a tablespoon of flour, and we’ll go ahead and stir that in until the mushrooms are coated. And then we’ll cook this for an additional two minutes to take the raw tasting edge off that starch.
  9. Don’t be surprised at some of that flower that starts to stick to the bottom of the pan. Totally normal, and not a bad thing because what we’re going to do, after cooking the flour, for a couple of minutes, is deglaze with a splash of cognac or of times are tough just in brandy. What I will do is pour that in and then ignite it with this lighter to burn off all the alcohol.
  10. People seem to like explosions but anyway we’re going to flambé with some Cognac and as soon as that liquor disappears which is only going to take a few seconds, we will quickly pour in some cold milk and give everything a stir. And then what’s going to happen is this comes back up to temperature is a couple of things. The bottom of the pan should be fully dissolved. And also, once this mixture gets hot enough to start simmering, you’ll notice as you think, nicely and as with all sauces that are thickened with flour, once it does start boiling and that’s as thick as it’s going to get.
  11. And if it’s too thick, you can always send out a little more milk, but this one looks just about perfect. And then what will do once that is thickened up and is bubbling, go ahead and turn off the heat and stir in a couple of tablespoons of crème fraîche. Or if you prefer some heavy cream with maybe a little squeeze, a lemon to mimic the acidity from the crème fraîche. And what we’ll do is just stir that in. And now with the heat off, we’ll just let this cool a little bit while we move on to finish prepping our towels, which should be cool enough to handle.
  12. Now, what I will do is attempt to pull that meat out of the Shell by sticking our thumb underneath like this all those probably easier if we take that Center shall off first. Be careful. Do not waste any scraps of meat, If there’s any meat attached to the Shell, pull it off and reserve it.
  13. If you have trouble peeling that meat away from the Shell with your finger, sometimes you just need to start it by scraping it with a spoon, and then it should come off. But anyway, do what you got to do and hopefully, you’ll end up with a nice pile of meat like this and of course for empty. Now ready to use shells.
  14. I put the pad on top of some crinkled up, foil that to form some channels to hold the shelves in place, and then we’ll move back to the cutting board to cut up our tail meat and to some bite-sized pieces. Although there were a few little pieces I’m going to remove, so just like when you’re cleaning shrimp, if you see any pieces of what we call the vein, go ahead and pull that out, since that can be a little bit gritty. But other than a few little pieces, my relatively clean. And once we’ve checked for that, we’ll go ahead and cut this up in like half-inch pieces.
  15. And once our Lobster meets been cut up, we’ll go ahead and add it to a bowl, and we’ll go ahead and transfer in our sauce, which is now slightly cooled and appear much thicker. But don’t worry, it’s going to thin out when it’s hot. And then we’ll finish this up with a pinch of salt and also more than a couple of shakes of cayenne.
  16. Then last but not least a generous application of freshly chopped tarragon which I believe to be the ultimate Lobster herb, we’ll go ahead and take a spoon and mix this all together. And by the way, feel free to customize this filling to your liking, I mean you are after all the Dinah Shore of your Lobster Thermidor, I would add things like mustard and egg yolks and gruyere cheese right back. Then this would have been a much richer dish. But in my opinion, if this mixture is too rich, you’re sort of hiding that beautiful.
  17. But I like to stay with a relatively light approach. And once that’s mixed up, we’ll go ahead and stop that evenly into our four shelves, which I highly recommend doing over the bowl, not over the foil since, if you drop some, it’s really annoying to pick up off the foil. And then once we have that mixture, divvied up as evenly as we can, we will finish these off by sprinkling over the following three things first.
  18. A tiny bit of dry bread crumb. Just a little touch, maybe half a teaspoon per tail, followed by an equally light application of freshly grated Parmesan. Just a little dusting and then last but not least because this is a French dish. After all, we will drizzle over a little bit of melted butter and that’s it. Once that’s done.
  19. These are finally ready to roast which we’ll do in the center of a 450-degree oven for about 10 minutes or so, or until nicely browned, and our meat is heated through. And if you want and I usually do, I’ll finish him for about a minute under the broiler. So, as to get some nice color on the surface and when they’re done, they should hopefully look something like this, which I think is just absolutely beautiful. And at this point, you’ll be happy to know. We do not have to let these rest. In fact, don’t, we’ll go ahead and serve those up immediately possibly next to a nice salad. It looks like a real salad and not only is this look visually impressive and like it was super hard to make, but your guests have to do virtually no work getting this on a fork and up to their mouth. But just being easy to eat wouldn’t really matter if this wasn’t also intensely delicious.



Lobster thermidor is a rich source of copper, and selenium and also contains zinc, phosphorus, vitaminB12, magnesium, vitamin E, and a small amount of omega-3 fatty acids. it contains cholesterol. This dish is actually loaded with many health benefits for you. Apart from all what it is packed with it tastes very delicious. Just give this a try by following this recipe and I hope you will enjoy your dish to the fullest.

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