Have you been finding difficulty making a fresh, dry, and delicious okra soup? Guess what, making okra soup to be that consistency is very easy. In this article, I’m going to show you how to make a fresh, draw and very delicious okra soup. If you want to know more continue reading this article. Okra soup is packed with protein, and it’s a very healthy choice for you.


Okra Soup Recipe


Ingredients Needed for Okra Soup Recipe

  • Goat meat 10 pieces
  • 6 pieces of kpomo
  • okra 25 pieces
  • 9 Scotch bonnet pepper (I’m using both the red and the yellow Scotch bonnet peppers)
  • 3  cayenne pepper
  • 2 ogiri okpei (a game changer)
  • salt to taste
  • 3-4 seasoning cubes.
  • Stockfish,
  • 2 smoked dried fish.
  • a handful of chopped ugu leaves
  • a handful of Azusa
  • 2 heaped tablespoons crayfish
  • 1/2 cup palm oil


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Okra Soup Recipe Nigeria

  1. All right, so let’s get straight into this. So, guys before we proceed with the first step, we will start with boiling the goat meat, add Onions. Seasoning cubes. Then we’ll be adding some salt and scotch bonnet peppers now because this is your traditional soup, you do a whole lot of ingredients for your soups to become very tasty.
  2. You don’t want to complicate the taste of the soup so just limited to the barest, Right. Which are your onions. Your peppers. Are your soul and your season cube. It is fine with your soup. Will still come out tasting, very tuition your people tasting Trust. It’s me. All right, normally I wouldn’t have added water at the beginning of cooking my beef, but because I’m using a pressure pot, I have to add water. So I added my water and I’m going to cover the pot and allow this to cook till it’s tender.
  3. So, while the meat is cooking, let’s get on with some of the prep work, we’re starting with our okra now. This is what I usually like to do. I like to divide my Okra into two. It does not necessarily have to be two equal halves, right? Just so you know whatever proportion I decide to do with, right. I’m going to be grating one part of the okra, and I’m going to be slicing the other part. So the reason why I’m grating in my okra, as one part of the okra is to increase the sliminess of the okra, the unit to make your okra draw.
  4. Now, if you do it this way, you do not need to add ogbono to your okra soup, okay? To get that slimy effect, you don’t need to do so. Now I’m using this, I’m using a grater, If you have a food processor, please feel free to use a food processor for this process, it’s still the same thing. You still get to Fix.
  5. Now let’s just show you that you can get this without using a food processor or some people, even blamed their heads with the second part of my okra. What I usually do is to cut it into big chunks, right? Not really big. Big chunks like that. Okay. Just the size that I like, or it’s considerably bigger than the grated version so you can cut the side. However, you like, you want to see your big chunks of okra in your soup. Do you want to see the little smaller is? Up to you. Okay? Just cut it. Anyhow, you want to cut it. Big small just to you. It’s your soup.
  6. So when you are done with our okra and it’s time to start on our Peppers Remember I showed you at the beginning that will be using two types of peppers. The red and the yellow Scotch bonnet along with cayenne pepper. Now this red and yellow are put hot sparkly, the yellow on yellow and it’s really hot. We add tons and tons of flavor to your soup. I don’t like to be without it. It is really, really good. So what I did just add a bit of water. Yeah. And then I blend it scarcely because I don’t see some of those pepper flakes in the soup. Yeah. So just blend it and then turn it out into a bowl and save it for later.
  7. What going to be chopping out? We’ll go now. I will go leaves. And what I like to do is to raise the ogu leaves thoroughly first before I slice this ogu. The whole Essence is to get rid of all the dirt and I feel like you can get rid of them easily when the leaves are still whole, rather than when you’ve chopped them up into bit. So I rinse them first before I cut them or rather, or chop them into small pieces, any size that you want. This ogu leaf is totally up to you. I like to cut them into small sizes, small feat. If you choose to do them bigger or smaller, it’s totally opposite here. Then set them aside and move on to my horses are dreams.
  8. Okay, so let’s process our ogiri okpei, I don’t know what tribe you’re from where you’re from, but this is a game-changer, but if you can find it, please get it, just go to the market and ask for it. You face, they know it’s every Market woman. Basically knows it’s okay. They will give it to you. It can be round or it can be in the shape that you found. I mean, that you saw this one so around, all this shape is totally fine. So just you know, use your Mozart’s blamed, you can also use the dry meal of your blender, the just, you know, crush it basically to look like this.
  9. This has been cooking for a while now and everything is looking good. It’s tender. Yeah, just beautifully, tender like my beef tender. So under the pressure points get to that level in the shortest time possible. So time to start  So, I’m just combining everything together again, right? This is the first step to making our soup.
  10.  Add Some of the peppers that we Blended. Okay. I’m also going to be adding some palm oil into this mix. You don’t need a lot of palm oil for okra soup, especially if you want to retain that, you know, Green vibrant color. Yes. And then added some crayfish. If you notice, I didn’t add all the crayfish, I added 1/2, I’ll add the remaining half at some point. Okay. Now, these are my little tips for creating delicious bold flavors. I’ll allow it to cook in a lot of oil cook. Let everything mixed together for about five minutes and then I’ll come back for the next step.
  11. After about five minutes, I came to check on the soup. Look at it. Bubbling happy a way of gosh. The sight of this makes me feel so good. Now, I’m adding the washed cut, and dried smoked fish. I washed it and warm, salty water, and  You need to try this out for yourself and see what I’m talking about. So I’m just going to stir things. How do I take I’m allowed to cook for another 3 minutes and then come back to continue after about 3 minutes. I came to check on the soup again and now I’m adding in the grated okra, all right, I’m just starting to distribute them across evenly in the soup. By this is what is going to make you super strong. Nice, you know, here in Nigeria, I will believe that you haven’t made proper okra if it does not draw well, well guys, that is the Gratuity.
  12. Okay. Now I’m adding the chops that are the bigger version. This just makes it super look more attractive and then you can actually chew on the Okra if that is your preference, some people grate the whole of it through the like it really tiny. You know, it’s you tell up to you. So by the time you try one or two different versions, you can speak to, you know, what works for you. So I added some warm water cuz I felt the soup was a little too thick, so I added some warm water.
  13. It’s important for you not to add too much water at the beginning, all right. Because then you’ll be able to control how it the way you like. Now, I’m adding my ozuza and ugu leaves as well. Please, please, please, please, just add this to this. As I’ve shown you ozuza and ugu leaves are a mad combo. Beautiful delicious! It’s a winning combo. Anytime anything, you can’t do without it.
  14.  Now I’m adding the remaining ground crayfish, this is going to give it safer, you know. It just makes the taste of the passage Boulder and makes a suitcase a lot nicer. You’ll notice that I did not add any seasoning cube of salt up until now. And the reason is, that my midst of was very well-seasoned, it’s he said well, so there’s really no need to. So that’s what I did in my okra and the vegetables. I give it a little taste and I was like, okay yes, a little salt as the message.
  15. Bring it up to the level that I wanted is just a little salt and I’m fine. So, guys, my soup is ready. Once I add my okra, I don’t let it cook for more than. Two minutes and it’s all done.
  16. You can save it with any swallow of your choice then enjoy.


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Okra soup is very easy to make and taste very delicious. The ingredients for preparing okra soup are few and easily available. Follow this article step by step and make the best okra soup, fresh and very delicious. This soup is packed with protein and it’s a very healthy choice for you. Don’t miss this soup, if you haven’t tasted it before make sure you prepare it and thank me later.

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