P.f chang is an American-based, Asian-themed, casual dining restaurant chain founded in 1993, in this article, p.f chang frozen meal reviews will be our key points. They specialize in American Chinese cuisine, plus other Asian dishes. In this article, I’m writing about  Chinese fried rice from P.f chang frozen meal it is a super simple very economical meal to make for one.


p.f chang frozen meal reviews


Facts About P.f Chang Frozen Meal

Awesome more favorites, especially good use leftover meats and vegetables, but nowadays people don’t have the time wherewithal the would simply rather spend more money and Order fried rice with their local Chinese restaurant, but now thanks to Peter of chains, which if you’re not familiar with it is that Asia thing US casual dining restaurant chain now they have a whole lot of frozen on any appetizers Etc.

So you can make it home in a matter of minutes. Now. I’ve had a whole lot of requests to try P.F Chang’s frozen foods, but nothing specific was ever spent. I got this 22-ounce meal for two on sale for $5.99. So for three dollars per person if this is a being any good it might be a bargain P.f Chang says the food tastes better when you keep it simple and I would hardly have to agree with them.



P.f Chang Frozen Meal Reviews

These meals are restaurant inspired made with signature sauces and have no preservatives and artificial flavors or colors. Now, I really like how they listen break down the ingredients. You have your rice vegetables, sauce chicken, and eggs almost separately instead of being glob together.

The ingredients are indeed simple. But once you get to the chicken, there’s isolated soy protein, which is used to improve the texture of the meat and hands moisture retention and can also be used as an emulsifier isolated soy protein can either be injected or mixed in with the mean in other words.

There’s added moisture in the meat which is also supposed to help with the texture. So once these 22-ounce meals cooked and the moisture is released in evaporated. It’s going to lose some weight. I really wish I would have thought about way.



P.f Chang Frozen Meal Before and After Cooking

Method of Reheating

  1. Grams of sugars in 19 grams of protein. The only recommended method of reheating is on the stovetop. So let’s get the bag open and get everything in the skill.
  2. It says to add oil to a nonstick skillet, and then pour the meal in they have poured in bold capital letters for a reason and you the people know as well as I do why is capitalizing both because some Darwin Award winner said the whole bag of the skill isn’t a procedure to cook it until the bag melted and ruin the meal at least that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.
  3. So it goes, the contents of the bed those little brown chunks you see are the sauce at least. I hope that’s what it is now said to give it a stir and then cover and cook on medium-high or eight minutes stirring occasionally for four minutes.
  4. After four more minutes for a total of eight minutes, it was time for another Stern so far. There’s really nothing fried about this rice oil. Yes. I know but we’re supposed to continue cooking for two to three more minutes and stir frequently.
  5. You can see the volume of the bill has reduced considerably, but obviously, that’s due to everything throwing and shrinking after cooking with the lid off for two and a half more minutes. All the liquid that has evaporated in our boiled fried rice is ready.
  6. And it looks pretty good looks can be deceiving, so true other than the flavor of the sauce being.



Nutritional Fact

There are two servings per bag. Each serving has 350 calories and grams total fat 2 grams of saturated fat. No trans fat, whatever 10 milligrams of cholesterol, 670 milligrams of sodium. Grams carbohydrates for grams of fiber 8 grams of sugars and 19 grams of protein.


P.f Chang Frozen Meal Reviews and Taste

Okay, in my opinion, there was nothing really good about this at all. I hated them these taste like eating raw Peas. The rice was very starchy and motion and the chicken was like I have to say far too often about processed meats was like chewing on a sponge after my first bite.

I was done I didn’t want anymore, but I wanted to assure my opinion was correct to give you people so I went in to try to piece of chicken on its own.

Why do a piece of meat and processed foods have to have groomers? Seriously, what’s the point behind this when you eat a piece of chicken restaurant you think the meats gonna have grill marks? I did so I very reluctantly a two-piece of chicken.

It was very easy to confirm my initial thought of eating a sponge then I according to take a bite to see what she thought now she’s not a very picky eater at all. But by the look on her face, she didn’t have to say a word.



Final Thought

So here are my final thoughts on P.F Chang’s chicken fried rice dinner for two first. Let’s talk about the price. I got this one sailed for $5.99 and after trying it, I feel like I was ripped off these normally sell for $7.49 and I spent that much on this meal.

I would have had to double up on my meds. At least with this specific meal. You’re paying for the name everything except the flavor of the sauce, which was okay. What’s bad about this meal? It’s a food and PF Chang’s Restaurant.

It tasted like this we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now because the restaurants will be out of business and they wouldn’t have a lot of Frozen Foods. I’m not even going to rate this meal because I don’t want any of you the people taking a chance and waste your money.

So I’m sure there are better ones to try at least I’m hoping so, so, please let me know if you have any recommendations and if I can find them I’ll try it because they can’t all be this bad or can they if you’d like to help support a wall?

Fit consider being the patron you can pledge as little as a dollar a month. It’s only $12 for the whole year or you can flex more that’s up to you. Either way, every little bit is appreciated and helps me produce more type of assessment and I would hardly have to agree with him.

These males are restaurant inspired me with signature sauces and have no proof of the chicken. There’s isolated soy protein, which is used to improve the texture of the meat and hands moisture retention and can also be used as an emulsifier.

Isolated soy protein can either be injected or mixed in with, In other words, there’s added moisture in the theme, which is also supposed to help the texture. So once these 22 else meals cooked and the moisture is releasing evaporated. It’s going to lose some weight. I really wish I would have thought about the way in the mail before and after cooking.




P.f chang meals are already prepared frozen foods made to help you eat even when you had a busy day, you can just get one and reheat then your food is ready. They are really a healthy choice and it is also very nutritional. Try P.F Chang frozen meals and hope you will enjoy them.

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