I’m excited to share with you a brand new recipe on how to make some sweet potato pancakes recipe. Now I absolutely love sweet potatoes.

They actually happen to be one of my favorite vegetables but the good thing about sweet potatoes is they’re also considered a superfood so they have lots of nutrients in them. And there is a great source of antioxidants that help fight off free radicals in your body.


Sweet potato pancakes recipe


Sweet Potato Pancakes Recipe

I love incorporating them, whenever I can and pancakes are really great place to use them as well. Now the great thing about this pancake recipe is it uses similar ingredients to the blueberry Pancake recipe.

So once you get the hang of making a good homemade pancake batter, the possibilities are almost endless to the different flavor combinations you can do with your pancakes.


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Ingredients for Sweet Potato Pancakes Recipe

  • 4 large potatoes
  • 1 yellow onion
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 2 tablespoons of all-purpose flour
  • ground black pepper to taste
  • 2 cups vegetable oil for frying


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How to Prepare Sweet Potato Pancakes Recipe

  1. So let’s get started with how to make these easy sweet potato pancakes. All right, So we’re going to start off by measuring out our dry ingredients, which of course, starts off with some flour and the proper way to measure flour out is to actually scoop it in your measuring cup and then level it off at the end. I just recently learned that this year. So if you haven’t been doing it or if you didn’t know, No worries, I didn’t either. But yeah, you don’t want to actually take your measuring cup and scoop it, or you’re measuring spoon, and scoop it in your flour because then your measurements are going to be off.
  2. So you’re going to actually have too much flour. So you want to make sure that you’re not making a mess and that you’re, you know, getting the right amount of flour so you won’t have too much. Alright, so we have our flour.
  3. Next, we’re going to add some sugar. This time, we’re going to be using In some brown sugar. So, I have my brown sugar here already measured out and I actually measured out everything just because it will make this go a lot easier for me and for you. So, I’m going to add in my brown sugar.
  4. Next, I have some baking soda and some baking powder, and I’m just going to add that to my flour mixture.
  5. Next, I have just some salt and you guys, that is a good base for Just your dry ingredients for just some regular traditional pancakes. But for these sweet potato pancakes, of course, we’re going to add some cinnamon and some nutmeg. So I’m just going to add that to the dry ingredients as well.
  6. The next you want to just go ahead and mix all of this up together and then we’re going to put it to the side and work on our wet ingredients.
  7. And I’m actually going to start with the sweet potato. So I’ve already baked my sweet potato and this is like a medium size. You can either use it like a small or medium, but I’ve already baked my sweet potato in my instant pot. And so it’s already ready to go. If you actually have an instant pot, I actually recommend that first just because it gives you a more evenly cooked sweet potato from what I notice. So I’m going to go ahead and cut my sweet potato open. And I’m actually just going to scoop out the insides from the sweet potato to use for my pancakes.
  8. Okay, so I’m just mashing this up a bit, just to kind of smooth it out, but once I add the rest of my wet ingredients, then it will be really smooth and easy to add to the dry ingredients. Alright, so to my sweet potatoes, I’m going to add some melted butter. I’m going to stir that around a little bit.
  9. So next I want to add some buttermilk and buttermilk Spain cakes, extremely fluffy. That’s what gives it its fluffy texture. So if you don’t happen to have buttermilk on hand which I never do, you can actually make your own and you can do that by just taking some milk regular milk or almond milk and adding a tablespoon of either lemon juice or vinegar and let that stir that around. And let it sit for about 10 minutes and you will be surprised what it looks like after. It’s some kind of thick And it looks something like that. And it literally turns into homemade buttermilk, so that’s just a little tip for you.
  10. So I am adding a cup of homemade buttermilk to my sweet potato mixture and now I’m just going to give that a good stir.
  11. Next, I’m going to add one egg that I’ve already cracked and beaten up. Then I want to add some vanilla so I’m going to add about half of a teaspoon of vanilla. Directly to my wet ingredients and just a side note, I actually haven’t invested in like any like really fancy vanilla. If you guys have any recommendations, let me know down below because I would like to try out some really good high-end vanilla just to see what it tastes like.
  12.  Now it’s time to combine the two. So I have my sweet potato mixture here that I’m just going to pour right on In my dry ingredients. Then I want to slowly mix the two together with a spatula. You don’t want to over-mix your batter. Any pancake batter, you never want to over mix it because then your pancakes won’t be fluffy and they’ll be kind of rubbery. So you want to just kind of gently fold the two together.
  13.  So you want it to be kind of thick. So you want your batter to be kind of thick in order to get those nice fluffy pancakes and when it’s this thick, you also kind of want to cook it like on medium to medium-low so that way it Cooks all the way through. So be patient, take your time, don’t rush. So yeah. You want your batter to be kind and thick like this.
  14. Alright, so I just put a little bit of butter and I’m going to scoop out each of my pancakes. With a measuring cup because it just makes it easier for me. And I’m using 1/3 cup for each pancake. So once you put your battery in is to just not touch it for a while, we’re like a minute or two. Just so it can kind of get nice and brown and get a good crust on it before you start kind of fooling with it. Messing it up and flipping it. So just kind of let it hang out for a minute or two on medium heat.
  15. And then when it’s ready to flip, then you can flip it. So I kind of just scoop my pancake up under my spatula and then just kind of flip it like that. There’s like no perfect way, but that’s the easiest way for me. And if you ever need a little bit more butter or oil in your Skillet go ahead and add it rather than first having too much in there, So these are going to be so fluffy.
  16. All you have to do is add a little bit of butter on top with some one hundred percent, pure maple syrup, and some chopped pecans and that is it you don’t have to add the pecans or pecans whichever way you want to say it but I would highly recommend it because it is so good with those pecans on there. So, just add you a few pecans, pecans on there with some maple syrup, some butter and you have some fluffy sweet pancakes.




The sweet potato pancakes recipe is very easy to make. Potatoes are packed with a lot of nutrients which is very healthy for you, apart from that these pancakes taste extremely delicious. Adding this to part of your meal won’t cost many ingredients, just with few ingredients you are good to go and I know you will make a perfect and delicious sweet potato pancake out of this recipe.

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