Figgy pudding


It’s that time of year again when we get to break out all of the traditional holiday dishes with a good recipe for figgy pudding, we have our egg and our fruit cake, our Christmas Eve pork pies, and then there’s figgy pudding. Many of the traditional Christmas delights have been forgotten in the modern era but thanks to that song. What is Figgy Pudding? Not everyone knows about figgy pudding, So I will give you a summary about figgy pudding. Referencing from Wikipedia, Figgy Pudding otherwise known as Piggy-Pudding is a vague term used for a class of traditional Christmas dishes usually forming sweet & savory cakes, containing a sour-sweet creamy layer of honey, fruits, and nuts. They’re demanding to be brought, quite simply figgy pudding is wonderful. It’s delicious and it’s something you should certainly try for yourself. Now one, the good thing about figgy pudding…

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