Goat meat stew preparation


There is always a holiday where you tend to cook what you haven’t eaten during the week. The goat meat stew recipe might just be your perfect choice for the weekend to spice up your eating routine. when I was a kid my Dad would prefer my Mum preparing goat meat stew for the weekend. The fact is, it is very delicious and goats have a very unique taste in stews due to its spice. Goat meat stew is usually served with rice, yam, or spaghetti. However, in this article, we are discussing the recipes for goat meat stew, ingredients, preparation, and benefits. Goat Meat Stew Recipe The goat meat stew recipe usually goes with fresh tomatoes, red peppers, chili, groundnut oil, thyme, curry, salts, dinger, cubes, and so on. The following recipes were what I learned from my mum while spending time with her in the kitchen. She…

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