Health benefits of Okra soup


Are you a lover of okra? How do you prepare your okra? Here is a locally made okra soup recipe. Okra soup has a viscous texture which makes it an acquired taste. Okra soup is a very popular and delicious soup that is loved by the majority of the people, in West Africa, especially if cooked well. Okra soup is not only common in African but it’s also known to be a national Egyptian dish. Okra soup has its own viscous texture, just like Ogbono soup and Ewedu soup. Ogbono soup is made from wild mango seeds, and it has a ton of nutritional benefits. Some people know okra as a soup that’s viscous because of its viscous texture. Locally Made Okra Soup Recipe Okra soup is prepared at home, restaurants, and hotels. The soup is very delicious and easy to make with less time. Okra soup uses onions,…

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