How to make chocolate gravy


Do you know how to make chocolate gravy? Chocolate gravy is a southern comfort classic, you can find it everywhere in the southern united states.  Chocolate gravy is basically cocoa powder, sugar, milk, butter, and few other ingredients. It is sweet, chocolatey, you can pour it on top of almost anything especially things like pancakes and waffles but it is best when poured all over warm fluffy biscuits. The chocolate gravy tastes incredible and it is very easy to make with few ingredients and it’s not time-consuming. What is Chocolate Gravy? As we mentioned in our previous paragraph, chocolate gravy is an assortment of gravy made with fat, flour, cocoa powder, and changing measures of sugar. This assortment is more normal in the food of the Southern United States and is frequently filled in as a Sunday morning dish with new rolls in the Ozark and Appalachian Mountain areas.…

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