How to make fudge recipe


Easy fudge recipe peanut butter is a kind of chewy candy made primarily with sweetened condensed milk, butter, and semi-sweet chocolate chips. You can also add chopped walnuts but this is optional. When it comes to fudge recipe people tends to think of it only around Christmas time. But fudge is not only perfect for Christmas alone it is also perfect to make during summer even at a birthday party because it’s a simple no-bake treat. This fudge recipe I want to share with you is super easy and there is no candy thermometer required and it only takes a few minutes to make. This fudge recipe is not only super easy but it also takes only three ingredients. I do love to use semi-sweet chocolate chips to make my fudge, but white chocolate chips work great with this recipe too. Since the weather is extremely hot lately and the…

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