The best homemade pho soup recipe is everything you need to consider when preparing this meal. It is light but full of flavors consisting of meats, sometimes chicken or pork, ginger, onions, rice, broth, noodles, and herbs. This fantastic pho is a popular food in Vietnam where it is served in restaurants, households, and street stalls. Pho is considered to be Vietnam’s national dish. When making Pho you can use any meat of your choice like; Beef chicken pork shrimp Vietnamese Pho Soup Pho soup is absolutely delicious and I have been in love with this famous Vietnamese noodle soup. I always assume it was one of the foods best prepared deliciously in the right way by all these restaurant chefs. But I was wrong about it because right now I can prepare a very delicious Pho soup at home using this simple recipe I am about to share…

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