Recipe for Stuffed Pepper Soup


Knowing the recipe for stuffed pepper soup and how to make pepper soup will save you money spent at a restaurant and eatery just to get it prepared when needed. Pepper soup is an African dish made with Goat meat, pepper, pepper soup spices, scent leaves, and other delicious ingredients. Pepper soup is usually liquid, usually served hot and this is made by boiling the goat meat or fish of your choice in other to get flavors from them. Recipe for Stuffed Pepper Soup A recipe for stuffed pepper soup is available and suitable for all seasons of the year, and it also adds a little more zing to your day if you are not feeling so well. It is usually peppered but you can choose to reduce the quantity of the Habenero peppers and the chili pepper. The broth from this meat is then further seasoned with…

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