In today’s recipe, I’m going to show you how to do a very traditional and very popular Japanese dish Tempura batter recipe.  Now we’re going to the ingredient. What I have today are beautiful queen size prawns. I will show you how to prepare a tempura batter and excellent crispy tempura with a mix of vegetable options and queen size prawns.  We’ve got the nice Bringer’s, Sweet potato, asparagus, and the nice fresh shiitake mushroom.


Tempura Batter Recipe


Ingredients for Tempura Batter Recipe

  • 500ml cold water
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 whole egg
  • 250 grams of cake flour


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How to Prepare Tempura Batter Recipe

  1. Let me start with the prawns. Let me show you how to prepare the tempura batter. Just take all the shelf off like from your prawns, but for a nice presentation, just keep the tail of the prawns. You can see hopefully keep the tail home. As you can turn the prawn to the side, you see that this little black string, this is why at the cook, the prawn will be pending a piece of cake after your knife just cut but they don’t cut all the way to in halfway, then break out all those chins.
  2.  Just cut it in half, and at the back of course, as you can see there is the big Sandy. As you can see, there is another bigger stream from the back, which is where the sand is hiding. We just cleaned that out.
  3. Now, last you going to the back, you cut it straight away, then you turn back. You’re cutting in the angle, also cut into the hardware, and stop at that point.
  4. Now, you need to start working with the finger. You use your finger three, finger to press down, break it, the makers longer and bigger, from the head.  Just squeeze down. As you can see, use that lift your finger a little hole, just squeeze down when this getting breaking in half like this. Okay, just squeeze down then when they show you another one, don’t forget to squeeze like that,  Squeeze to the board. Just gently squeeze and become longer.
  5. Competing with the two prawns, This original size and that will become big. Now the system by side.
  6. Now we go into the vegetable, bring yours. Then cut it in this way, Is more the quarter all the way down you can you cut. Then we got another one like this, take your knife slightly angle I’d like these from little way goes in, then go all the way down,  As you can see, then go slightly about the half centimeter by centimeter and all the way down.
  7. Now, cut the second one as the other goes like that. This slight angle then weaves in the top part. Go skin and all the way down like that, as you can pin all the way down the beasts all the way down. So what is gonna happen? You just use your hand and slightly squeeze. Then it becomes open. And you can see when you open it, it is like a beautiful pillow this nice presentation.
  8. Now let’s go on to the sweet potato. Actually just so simple. All we need just get a slice. It is about meters slice like that. Okay, always do. We don’t want to cut it too thick because when you fry it is not easy to get dry like well done inside. We’ve got 2 in here all you need to do just get the peeler to peel the skin, we can just fly it all.
  9. Now, this is the dry stick flour the ingredient we need first, we need to dip into the joint flowers, as you can see what’s gonna happen in here. The one you peeled the skin out, we can touch more flour. all of its table in here, all we need to do the standby for ingredients, and also let’s go into our prawns and the same story.
  10. And, you wanna like do is just loading Let’s go through the butter now. All we need is the butter, we need to take flour. A lot of people say, oh, you need a particular Japanese. Actually, I found the cake flour is also working. So we just need cake flour, some salt, and eggs.
  11. We need about 500ml of water, all the quarter. I can make sure the water is cold or if either way weather is very hot. So we can put a block of ice in there because the also cold water can be helped cake flour. Making sure the gluten with that income out, give some pinch of the salt, and one whole egg, let’s get us some whisk here.
  12. We got that is done then. Just move into our mixing bowl. Okay. And I already measurement the cake flour here is about 250 grams. You don’t want to overwork and the cake flour, just very roughly, you don’t want to whisk, just gently push, push down. The water not really dissolved, no problem, that’s even better to work with the tempura batter.
  13. Now let’s start to heat our oil. The tip of how to taste oil temperature. Some people say chopstick is really ziggy can give you the right temperature. So I’m gonna tell you how to use, tempura, batter to the measurement of the oil temperature.
  14. You drop in then in a halfway and butter start to come up. This is another tip. A lot of people don’t know how they get their own crumble under the temple, just before they dip anything in. Just fly the butter, just all we do. As you can see. Just by the butter. Then this is the combo coming butterfly for a second then. Use the Miss like a bigger spoon, but with a little home, this is to help you grab everything on the side. Like, be made stable first, especially potato.
  15.  Just deep into the butter, all the way to then, grab all your Crump, then put on the top of a crumb then. That’s right. Gently put, then grabs another come on the top there. But I will only stick the crumb at the bottom side. Here we go like that but on the corner. Always walking on the corner of the pan.
  16. Let’s fry for a second and put you on our side. Now, in this stage, this walking with our fringes because we won a nice presentation, only speak one side of it and I will keep the purple side clean at least once a stick then, turn over. Okay, let’s walk at least, three so long, this is the border. Ready to pick up a single, when you pick up your start feeling lazy, getting fried think about two minutes for you to fry it down.
  17. These bridges are just about ready. Okay, the vegetable ready now let’s clean of oil. Then try the temperature again, there is about already now trying the combo again slightly high by the novel. High tell you to burn yourself, we can walk around, you can see, let’s see, beautiful, nice crumb temperature of already now.
  18. Let’s go to our mushroom and the prawns, this is the half side of the mushroom. Some story grabs up all crammed, the only corner of the walk. Then it will fly in. Okay. Then you can grab up some on the top. now hold the tail and deep into the butter and Colette all crammed together like that. These and working on a corner and let it dry in.
  19. Put some crumble on the top, let’s go to another one, deep into the butter, put on the corner, like that one, stick with more. Let It fry for another 1 minute. Anyway, we’re waiting, okay, it’s a mushroom upside down wrong. You don’t want to overcook. Otherwise getting really tough and green will take one minute. let me show you the tip. How to check your prawn is done already. You can pick it up. You see the point in getting straight is not very soft. Another, some area very straight which means is ready.
  20. Then put on our side, these prawns were always well ready, as you can see, very hot only at all. And this is our mushroom also. Just right ready.


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How to Plate it

Now let me teach you the plating. You can get to the paper like what’s paper can suck in the oil, but if you can’t get this novel, just get us no more paper. Making sure is the clean nice scale and finding another half again and plating.

Pick up the Beast is our beautiful mushroom, and that is the sweet potato in here. You can see that a nice thin giving you nice as Malaga. And last, we got beautiful prawns like this, finally, you can just get yourself a piece of the lemon, Garnish one Lemon wedges. Then the tempura sauce and roaring with You can get around.



Tempura batter is one dish you shouldn’t miss trying. This tempura batter is excellent crispy with a mix of vegetable options and queen size prawns, also added mushrooms and few other ingredients. It tastes delicious and very attractive at sight.

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